Fuel Station

This has been an issue since new. I have finally got around to spending some time on the issue. When the trailer was delivered the the external gas gauge was reading the generator tank level as the feul station tank, and vise versa. the tank sending uits were wired incorrectly and i have repaired that issue. the guages on the outside gauge reads correctly now. the 2nd issue is the insde guages will not register correctly. the guage needles move partially and the needles fluctate and never settle on a reading. this happens when viewing either tank. also noticed that if the guages are turned on and the inside guages are viewed it knocks out the outside guages. They remain inop untill the power switch is turned off and back on.
i have been in contact with the manufacture of the guage panel, but theey have not been much help. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar condition.