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Hi gang,

We are in development of an online resource that we are calling the Heartland Owners Online Tools.

It is planned as a content management system. This system is a searchable database of issues, solutions, tips, ideas etc. It is the continuation of a project that we began about 2 years ago as the Issues and Solutions Guide.

It is our plan to put much at that initial work into the new resource. And ultimately, we will open up the resource for user submissions.

For now, we are opening it up for a preview and to gather feedback.

Please use the link below to get a look and feel of the resource. Then come back here to give us your feedback.

We have even loftier plans for the resource but we must learn to crawl before we can walk, then run :)

Michael Kidd (linuxkidd) is the brains behind the curtain, pulling all the ropes to make this work.


Heartland Owners Online Tools
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Jim & Michael

How sweet it is ! Wonderful addition to the Heartland family. I will love the idea of joining others in a chat room. This Resource page will sure make it easy to find the many postings to area's of interest.

Thanks for all the brain work to get this great addition up and running.



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Just looked at your cable wiring. Nicely done. Might want to put a note saying for direct tv users and type of dish and LNBs. For me the information would have been totally wrong, based on different tuner, different LNBs and a couple of other things. Matching up the service and equipment used would help the user decide if the information would be helpful , for those not so much in the know and trying a DIY.


Wow Jim, looks like the Heartland Forum and you and we as members have really scored a home-run with the addition of Michael Kidd (linuxkidd). That is a really nice site and if people will use it, it will answer a lot of questions really fast. Questions that normally they would need to wait until someone replies to their inquiry and hope that it is correct.

I think you guys are doing a wonderful job and have a super site for the Heartland owners family.

Keep up the good work and you might get a raise, ugh..maybe next year.

Jim (the other Jim)


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Hi Jim:

This is a nice addition to our forum, it may save some frustration for the DIY's out there. I had a problem though, I "signed in", and it wouldn't take my Username/password. It said it doesn't match what is in my account, I was able to log in to the forum, so I know it works. ??????



This is a great addition.:D You guys are doing a SUPER job. I have a lot of my friends that ask me to check the Heartland Owners website for answers to general RV and camping questions.


Morning gents,
Thanks for all the feedback. We are definitely working to make an easy to use resource for Heartland Owners. There's so much good info on the forum right now, but it can be difficult for new people to find the right post if they don't know exactly what they're looking for.

... I had a problem though, I "signed in", and it wouldn't take my Username/password. It said it doesn't match what is in my account, I was able to log in to the forum, so I know it works. ??????

At this time, the sites don't share a common database. This has the adverse effect of having completely separate user accounts from the forum to the resource.

We are toying with the idea of linking them in some way, but to be honest.. There's really nothing more to the site after you log in. No hidden content, etc. The login at this point really only facilitates administration tasks.

Again, this is a test at this point. I'm certain there will be some changes before it goes... Live.. :)

We do intend on having a form for submitting new content to the site. So if you're worried about not being able to login for new content input.. Rest assured, it won't be a hindrance.

Keep the feed back coming!

P.S. I wouldn't bookmark the Heartland Owners Resource just yet... It will probably move to the heartlandowners.org site before it's finished.

P.P.S. Ok, it's moved! Link in first post has been updated. Go bookmark it!
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I want to echo what Michael has said. This is a "soft launch" in order to solicit your feedback. And the feedback about the login, while not related to content, is still good feedback. Logins may end up being only for administrators. Maybe we can mask that.

Users will be using the tool to search/peruse. And yes, we will be seeking content from you. We first plant to tweak the format based on feedback, add the content we already have stored up, then do a full or "hard launch".

Thanks and keep the input coming.



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Looks super, I like the idea of putting every topic in PDF so we can download and save in case we don't have Internet access when we need the info. Great job guys..../Doug


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Man, oh man, this is getting to be the best site on the net. Maybe it should be bottled and sold to get some funds for the people doing the hard work. Thanks for all the effort ya'll are putting in for us.


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It is a great idea to put the fixes and tips in one location. Thanks for doing this.



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I ditto the PDF comments. I can see myself using this site a great deal. I'm awaiting Dealer mods on my new Cyclone, so I am getting pretty pumped about RV ownership. I know that once I have it, I'll be full of questions. I've been reading the forum for the past couple of weeks, I know this new resource site will be well used and appreciated. Heartland Owners did it again!
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This looks great. Would users manuals be part of this site? I have some Lippert and Winegard manuals, that were downloaded from their sites. If you are interested I will forward a copy on.



We are absolutely planing to host user manuals. Anything you guys have is a VERY welcome addition.

We will be posting a new thread in the future to ask for model details from our members to help populate some things...

More to come!


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This would be the greatest thing since shade under trees. It would be great to know exactly what to do if you landing gears didn't come up or down, etc. Again, great idea and it will probably be the first thing RVs look at when signing on.