Heartland Parts Department


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Here we go again! When I finally get a good phone number for ordering parts from Heartland, the phone number(s) ring busy, as if they are not monitored any longer.

The numbers I'm calling are 844-963-7953 (noted on my order confirmation in February 2022). Haven't received the order and can't seem to find a way to see what's up.

The other (2) phone numbers that ring busy are 877-262-8032 and 574-262-8030.

I read in the Forum that Heartland no longer has a phone in number to their parts department??????? True or not true?

Has anyone ordered parts lately that has a good contact number and/or a good email to the parts department?

This is very frustrating Heartland seems to be so difficult to contact.



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I order parts often, the 7953 number is the one i have used since 2019, till last month. Maybe yesterday's tornado near Indy has something to do.


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Made contact with Heartland parts. Sure'nuff they were having phone in issues. When I finally got in I ordered my replacement ladder parts, they were shipped and it's time to install. Thanks all for your assistance. Happy Camping. Brad