Hitch Pin Cover


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Twice now the plastic hitch pin cover has caught on my tonneau cover rail. The cover cracked and a piece broke off on each side. I have the hitch positioned to give me about 7 inches above the rail but both times it was a tight turn and the cover hit. So today I got out in the driveway and with a drum sanding bit on my electric sander I sanded it so that it won't hit ( I hope) any longer.

Just curious - has anyone else had this problem?

Drum sander bits



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Our pin cover has hit the side rails twice. Each time was a tight turn backing into a site lower than the campground roadway. Otherwise on level ground there is 2" of clearance at approx 90 degree of turn.


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I have trimmed mine also. I have about 6 inches of clearance but the cover would not clear the rails on a tight turn. I trimmed mine way back and it did not deter from the looks.


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I had the same thing happen, but just on one side. Haven't trimmed it down yet, so it looks a little lopsided right now! :rolleyes:


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With the drum sanding bit I was able to trim both sides to "Almost" match, sure looks better then with the two broken sides. Hopefully it will miss the sides when making a tight turn. I know the hitch pin is high enough so that it will miss the side rails.


My cover cracked vertically on one side. Took a long straight edge, aligned it with hitch neck, c-clamped straight edge to cover, & cut off excess material with jig saw on both sides. Cleaned cover & cut-offs, then glued cut-offs to inside of cover for additional reinforcement.


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Mine used to hit..now it's hanging up in the garage. No idea why I keep it. It won't work with a Trail Air....Don