Idaho Tote, Freedom Hauler.

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I have an Idaho Tote for sale. I purchased it used 5 years ago from a gentlemen who used it to haul 2 Harley Davidson Motorcycles behind his 5th wheel. I have used it maybe 3 times in the past 4 years that I have owned it to haul a Polaris RZR behind my 5th wheel. I have since sold the 5th wheel and now need to sale this Idaho Tote. Tires are in good condition with 90% tread left and are 3 years old. Nothing needs to be done just hook it up and go. Comes with ramps and everything needed to connect to your vehicle besides the receiver hitch you will need on your own tow vehicle.

unit measure 101 inches wide with a 8' x 8' usable flat bed space.

Price $3,500.00. Cost almost $10,000.00 new in 2011.

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Idaho Tote has since been purchased by Freedom Hauler, it is the same design just a different company.

A couple of video's showing how the Idaho Tote works.

Video 1 =

Video 2 =
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