I'm looking at a 2011 Greystone 29MK in San Diego


I'm looking at this 2011 Greystone 29MK in San Diego, and judging by the pictures its just what I am looking for. First, does anyone have any experience with this dealer LaMesa RV? I have heard their ads, but I dont know how reputable they are.

Does anyone else have this model Greystone 29MK? If so, are there any common issues that I need to look for before purchasing, and what do you think a nice clean one would go for today?

I hope I posted in the right forum, if not I'm sorry. I am brand new to the RV scene. I am 52 and want to see the county!

Here is the ad:

and a picture:



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Hi cargears,

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I don't know of any Greystone specific things to look for, but I'd suggest you closely inspect the roof and exterior caulking to see how it's been maintained. Take a look for any signs of uneven tire wear. Also check the date code on the tires; an early 2011 build could have tires that are around 4 years old. Even if they look ok, they're getting a little old. Same for the battery - a 4 year old battery would be near end of life.


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The Greystone and Sundance lines are made on the same assembly line, main difference being color schemes. If you cannot find enough info or pricing for this model, you could look for the same floorplan in a Sundance.


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Don't know anything about the Greystone but I live in San Diego and used this dealer for my warranty service. I purchased my Cyclone at ExploreUSA in Dallas TX. Gave La Mesa a chance but they couldn't match the great price I got in TX. La Mesa RV has several locations, I only have used the San Diego location. They made a few minor warranty repairs for me and I was very satisfied with their service. They ordered the parts and called me to bring in my unit when the parts were in the shop. Had the work done in a few days as they had stated they would and called me to come pick up my rig when it was finished. Never had a problem with my unit sitting waiting for the repairs. They had no issues that I did not purchase my Cyclone from them.


Better late than never, so here is some info. I own this model of Greystone. I'm the second owner so I didnt get any warranty support. There is a known problem with the front cap fading on these models. The gel coat was poorly done and the fix is to pain the front cap. Original owners get some warranty coverage on this, but not 2nd owners, even though it is a factory workmanship defect.
Other items I have had to address is a water leak in the toilet area which caused a converter failure (because the converter is located under the toilet, not too smart of a design), the 110 supply to the hot water heater was poorly connected and required service to reconnect to work, and the slide (stove and refrig side) bracket attaching the rails to the slide fractured and required rebuilding to make them stronger, and currently were are looking into the rear cap connections because we see some side to side movement and caulking gaps.
My guess on pricing would be around 20 - 25k.

good luck. All RV's take a beating while going down the road and I dont know anyone who has not had some issues.