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For those that are Fulltiming.

Do you run into any issues getting both medical and RV/Truck insurance useing a PMB address such as those supplied by Good Sams (Florida) or Escapees (Texas) mail forwarding.

I am getting ready to go full timing and will be changing my residance to one of these two states (Most likely Florida) and have a lot to do in short periods and still trying to figure out the order to do it all. I still havent even ordered my Landmark yet because trying to figure out the order. As I see it I have to do the following still:

Truck insurance
Register Truck
Drivers License
Medical Insuance
Sign up for mail forwarding to get address to do the above
RV Inurance ut need VIN so i guess I leave the trailer at the dealer a couple days
emergency road assistance (Same issue as above)

Any input from any of you would be greatly appreciated.


Tom of Ypsi

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We went insurance shopping first looking at Fl, Tx and SD. For us SD was the cheapest and for our Landmark and truck we use Progressive. When comparing insurances you do not need an address just tell the insurance companies what states you are interested in. Once you decide on what insurance works best for you in these states then you can decide which mail forwarding service to use. We use Americas Mailbox in SD but it is also located in Fl.
Hope this helps and I am sure others will chime in. Good luck and hope to see you on the road soon.


When we checked Good Sam was through GMAC and they do not offer fulltimers insurance in Texas. We have travelers, and you might want to check them out. Of course., insurance coverage and prices can differ from state to state.



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Check out this link:

RV- America insurance covers full timers...

The way we started our Full time Adventure was to first get a mail forward service. We then waited until we were ready to head to Alaska before we changed the plates... driver license and Insurance agent. ( We use State Farm for the Truck)

We were able to get all three items taken care of one short day in South Dakota. It was simple to complete the process.

Good luck on your future full time travels.


holstin, We found Progressive Insurance to be the easiest solution for us. So easy to deal with well-knowledgeable people. Easy to make changes and print any of our documents online. Progressive welcomes RVers and understands our needs. They have no problem with our Emery, SD PMB. The day we called to inform them of our TV and RV recent trades, I could go online and print out temporary insurance cards, no waiting for mail to be forwarded. They will also fax temporary card information to your dealer if needed.

Health insurance has been no problem. Medicare is primary and we have secondary coverage through my retirement package. Secondary insurance normally pays any doctor, hospital, etc. that medicare pays on.

Hope this answers your concerns (also ours when we started FT). If you need any other information, please PM us. Happy and safe travels and enjoy FT. ;)



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We had problems with Progressive in FL. They would insure the truck but not the 5er. We haven't had any problems with insurance, drivers license, etc using a PMB (from St. Brendan's Isle in FL). We found it easier to get the mail drop first and use it on all the other documents instead of trying to change everything afterward.
One interesting note. We just renewed our fulltimer's insurance and DW talked to a company rep before renewing. We specifically asked about different rates for different states. They said most insurance companies (that do the underwriting) now understand that fulltimers move around a lot so state of residence has little effect on rates.