Intermittent Slide Control - LM365 Newport Door Side


I have a 2016 LM365 Newport and have never experienced this issue until now. Went to bring the Door Side Slide in and found that the action of retracting was intermittent. The coach is plugged in, full charge on the battery bank, hydraulic fluid reservoir filled to the proper level, I’ve removed the switch (there are 3 on the panel) to check the wires connected on the back, all seem to be secure. I’ve also checked all the wires connected at the hydraulic motor section in the battery compartment, all seem to be secure as well so not sure what could be wrong. When I release the button, and press it once again, the slide will commence retracting but will once again stop mid-way. Continuing this cycle of release and press works to bring the slide in. Only happens on the retract action, not the extend. Any suggestions? Thanks.



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There's a 50 amp 12V DC auto-reset mini-circuit breaker supplying power to the hydraulics. The intermittent break in operation indicates the breaker is tripping and automatically resetting after a few seconds. This can be caused by low voltage, dirty or corroded or loose connections, a mechanical bind, or most likely a weak breaker.

Replacing the breaker will usually take care of it. Takes 15 minutes at most. You'll want a breaker with the same form factor so it fits on the buss bar with the others. Look near the batteries for a row of breakers covered by a red-rubber boot as pictured below. The arrangement of your breakers could be different, but there are probably two breakers that have heavy wires. One of those usually has a teeny tiny manual reset button. You want the other one.


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Thanks Dan, I'll replace it and see if that cures the woes. I've been reading on other areas that this is a common issue, should have checked throughout the various threads to see the overwhelming responses, but thanks for repeating what you've told others!