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Well I figured we better get this forum kicked off.

Most of you should have received a PM from me, if you did not, please let me know and I will forward it to you.

Please introduce yourself, and lets start talking about a 2010 Rally.

Mark and Jennifer here, we have a 15 month old daughter named Lauren.
We are originally from Western NY, and lived in Denver for a few years.
We live in Muscatine (6 years), and spend most of our camping days along the mighty mississippi.
We bought out Sundance 5'er in April of 2009. We were tent campers before that, and loved our boating. Slower days now with our daughter.

Bob and Chris

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Mark and Jennifer,
Chris and I are looking forward to Heartland Rally next year! We're in central Iowa, but picked up our 5ver in Ohio this spring, have been to Topeka for the NHRA drags in June, and spent a long weekend around Decorah on the Upper Iowa River last month. We've enjoyed the eastern Iowa border on fall leaf looking trips by car and staying in bed and breakfasts; maybe we'll try a camping version.


Mark & Jennifer: A big thank you for getting a Iowa chapter started.
We are Ted & Sue (tedj) we are in sw Iowa and are happy w/ out 2900MK Sundance.
Count on us for a 2010 Iowa ralley
Winter Texans Nov.-April
Sundance 2900 mk
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Looking forward to the rally. In Des Moines here. We have done the Eastern iowa fall trip the last couple of years staying at different camp grounds. Diane is orginally from Davenport so she enjoys spending time over there.

We purchased our BC in March of 08 and upgraded from a 21' travel trailer

Chris and Diane


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Storm Lake

Hi Mark & Jen

Claudia is from Alta originally, and then moved to Storm Lake. Through the years we owned a couple of businesses in Fonda, having moved from Poughkeepsie, NY. We now live in Michign, and have recently bought an Eagle Ridge 35DSRL in July. We were just back in Fonda ( Claudia's sister still lives there) to spend a week.
Let us know if there will be an Iowa rally in 2010. If it's close to Fonda, we;ll visit.
Jim & Claudia
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New to this forum, I had no idea there was a rally of HEARTLAND owners. My wife and I live in east central Iowa and quit camping in 2000 because I broke my back. We got back into it last year when we bought used tt. We took the plunge and are set to take delivery on a 2010 Sundance 5er. tomorrow. I think a rally sounds interesting and would like more info. I know its getting late in the season but nothing has changed since 2000 and prior to it. We will be camping til they lock us out for the year!


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Alot of new Iowa people signing up on the forum..... come on in and introduce yourself.


We are VERY new to RVing. Looking forward to trying it out in February. Leaving fron Ankeny to points south. Glad we found this site. Will be checking here often.
Frank & Judy
Great to find local club. Just upgraded to NT 26rk 5er. Picking up maybe this weekend? Still need to get truck equipped also.

Ric & Merrie


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Ric & Merrie

Great to have you aboard.

Be sure to check out our upcoming Rally..... should have final details next week....

Let us know if we can help you with anything, great community here.