Ken and Kathy Adam's Itinerary...Check Often..


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as dates and locations will be added regularly between those listed below. You never know, we could stop over in a park near you...:cool:

After the New Mexico Good Sam Rally we will be at...

4/18-28/11 - Western Horizon's Resort - Campe Verde, AZ

4/28-5/5/11 - Las Vegas RV Resort, Las Vegas, NV

5/10-14/11 - Goshen Fairgrounds, Goshen, IN

5/15-22/11 - Memphis Agricenter, Memphis, TN

5/25-30/11 - Howard County Fairgrounds, Frederick, MD

5/30-6/9/11 - Gettysburg Battlefield Resort, Gettysburg, PA

6/9-12/11 - Bear Run Campground, Portersville, PA (PA Rally, along with Jay and Stella)

6/15-28/11 - Goshen Fairgrounds, Goshen, IN (Heartland Int. Rally and RV Fest Rally)

7/4-11/11 - Ohio State Fairgrounds, Columbus, OH

7/11-18/11 - NY State Fairgrounds, Syracuse, NY

7/19-25/11 - EXPO Center, Essex Junction, VT

8/11-15/11 - Saltwater Pond RV Park, Thomaston, ME

8/28-9/11/11 - Gettysburg Battlefield Resort, Gettysburg, PA

8/11-19/11 - Hershey Conewago RV Park, Hershey, PA (Hershey RV Show)

9/26-10/3/11 - Northlake RV Park, Roanoke, TX (near Texas Motor Speedway)

We have a very busy summer planned, and will announce Open House events, that will be schedule at some of the above listings and others to come, in separate threads...Hope to meet some new friends along the way, and visit with some old ones...Stay Tuned...:D


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Ken & Kathy,

Please stay in touch with us on your proposed stay at Gettysburg for the end of May. We are only a few hours out and may be able to get together with you there!


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Deb...will do! Would love to get together in Gettysburg!

Ken & Kathy...We'll be working during the day, but possibly one far is Eby's Pines from Goshen?

Truknutt...You Bet! Work it every year...our booth is in the Progress Building! Will you be camping at the fairgrounds, or just coming in for the day??



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Ken and Kathy Blanca and I are workcamping at Elephant Butte Lake State Park off of I-25 in New Mexico until May 31 as camp host if your in the area stop in coffee is ready TRAVELER07 :cool: