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Re: Landmark Louisville Modifications LCI Control Panel

Its Spring and Landmark Mod Season..

The LCI levelling control inside the Trailer was always in the wrong spot. This weekend I moved this to Drivers side basement. Used the stock plastic extrusion. Mounted the light switch on the end. Ran the serial bus cable to this location.


Used a small project box and remounted the basic control at the opposite of the storage bay.

- - - Updated - - -

The Fridge door was damaged when the screws on the wheel lock clip sheared off. Heartland supplied the new door and I installed. I also added extra screws for the wheel clamps. I had cut back panel on the fridge to access the water valve for winterizing, just air and no antifreeze. I added a couple screws in side the back to tie it down to help.

I used some limited compression foam around the top and down the right side. Just like road cases for broadcast equuipment.


I have some clearance now. About 3/4 of an inch.


This fridge is rock solid now in the slide and will not walk out.