Las Vegas Thousand Trails


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We bought a zone camping pass and are at the Thousand Trails Las Vegas until Friday where we will head to Death Valley. It has turned VERY cold (relatively, not Denver weather for sure!) and they even expect snow on New Years's Eve. There are 3 Heartlands in here. 2 cyclones and a bighorn. Haven't seen anyone out by them... weather has not been conducive to mosey over. Maybe today!


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We enjoyed Death Valley.. Visit Scotty's Castle and also see the walking rocks. My guess is you'll have little company but we liked it like that.


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We love Death Valley. Been going there for 30 years.

Usually stay at Sunset Campground (Furnace Creek) in the back row of the overflow, up high. (nice view).

Or Texas Spring is a great Campground. Just be aware, it doesn't allow generators.


Be sure to check out Badwater Basin, lowest point in North America.

Have fun, Trace


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We've done all but the moving rocks at the Racetrack. The park ranger scared us off with tales of 2 flats. We just put all new tires on the truck in Las Vegas and didn't want to chance ruining those babies. Should have kept our old tires.... Had we known... Otherwise have had a lot of fun here at Death Valley. Camping at Sunset (dry camping). Yesterday was an 8amps-athalon, we hiked, we biked, and we swam. Ok, maybe it was more a soak in the mineral pool rather than a proper swim :) We are going to Joshua Tree National Park tomorrow. Trying to find the Broncos game somewhere here today... GOOOOOO Broncos!