Level Up 6-point leveling system issues

I have read several threads and cannot find anything similar to what is going on with my system.

I have a 2015 5th wheel with the Lipper Level up system. When I unhook from the truck and push the auto level button the following happens -
the system starts, says front jack grounding, the front jack go to the ground. The system then says grounded, and then shuts off. No error code. About 3 or 4 second later the LCD flashes back on for a micro second and then off again. I wait, then push auto level again, and the same thing happens.

I have checked the voltage on the system screen, reading 14.2 volts. I have manually leveled the trailer and everything works fine.

I retract all the jacks, and it does the same thing. I have called Lipper tech, and they say it should not do that - duh!!! They say the best they can do is send me a new controller for $$$, and hopefully that will work.

Any ideas?


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Hard to tell what's going on, but one thing I noticed is the reading of 14.2V on the levelup control panel. That may be the voltage coming from the truck. But there's not a lot of current flowing from the truck. Disconnect the trailer umbilical from the truck, wait a few minutes, and before plugging into shore power, see what it reads.
It is unhooked from the truck already. I thought it was low power, so I plugged it in to the 115v, and the same thing....


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Interesting, I just got the same line from Lippert...”buy a new controller module for $200.00. It seems to me there must be some additional diagnostic steps before the recommendation to buy a new controller module. If the problem is not the module, we’re out some $$$.


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When on shore power, with truck disconnected, if the display shows 14.2V, it means the Power Converter is in Boost Mode. I believe it does that if you have a depleted battery. If you turn off shore power, wait 20 minutes, try running the jacks or slides, and read it again, you may see a surprisingly low voltage reading.


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What caught my attention was when front jacks were grounding, they went all the way down.

OP...after unhooking your truck, try raising the front of trailer up 6-8 inches more...THEN use the levelup feature. Mine does the same as yours if the front jacks ground completely.


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Not sure if it's your issue, but to start the auto level function, the front of the trailer should be higher than level. That said, my auto level hasn't worked since I bought my trailer and I've only manually leveled it since I've owned it.