Lithium plumbing


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personally, I could not use a trailer where the gray dumps into the black..... there are many places where we camp that the gray water can be drained out on the ground (and some remote rv parks that allow it, as it feeds and waters the little patches of grass they are trying to grow)... its NOT illegal, but due to sanitary reasons, most all parks forbid doing it.....

if all the water collects into the black tank, it will have to be dumped quite often at a designated dump station, which prevents me from camping peacefully in the same spot without moving, for a couple weeks at a time....


Was the plumbing issue ever resolved and is it a common problem in all Lithium 2414/Toy haulers. Looks like a major problem if the kitchen sink drains into the black tank.


Hi all, I just got on this forum and am scheduled to pick up my new 2414 in a couple weeks. I wanted to see if this issue has been resolved or if you are just living with the problem. It could be a deal breaker for me going from 2 40 gallon tanks to essentially 1 tank. I'm not sure of the manufacture date of mine, or if they changed the plumbing in newer models.

Still not resolved on my end. I was in the dealership (Bish's) about a month ago and several of the service team thought they were still being built the same way, but weren't 100% sure. They've had "several" other buyers complaining to them about the tank setup.

I complained until the service and sales managers got involved. They were going to escalate to Heartland, again, and get back to me. That was almost a month ago. I've called and emailed with no response, so, apparently, I'll need to go back in person this week.

Edit: Also, I'd really like to know if your dealer/sales rep were aware that the plumbing was this bad. The service and sales teams at Bish's had no idea until it was escalated to them.
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Here is my story so far. I did contact Heartland, worked with a guy that contacted the design group and they replied that the earlier models were plumbed that way, but the newer ones had been re-designed to fix this issue. I wasn't able to get more info from Heartland, but I noticed that the people on the forum that had the problem showed 2020 model years on their profile, so I assumed (mistake on my part) that it was a first year issue.

Yesterday I got up early and drove 6 1/2 hours to the dealership, the closest one with a 2414. I started doing a walkthrough with the sales guy, and noticed that even thought is was a 2021 model the manufacture date was 03-2020, so it was already a year old. Red flags went up and I mentioned the holding tank issue, so the sales guy had the service manager come out. We hooked up a hose and verified that water sent down the sink came out the same valve as the toilet. Everyone at the dealership was honestly surprised, and are working at finding me a new model because this was a deal killer for me, not to mention I am not enthused about buying a "new" camper that has been sitting on the lot for almost a year. They said to give them 24 hours to find a new one that they could direct to my local Blue Dog dealer at the same price. I'm not holding my breath.

So I drove back home last night, without a camper, and this morning I called Heartland again to see if they can give me a cutoff date of when this model was "re-designed". The rep said he would have the design group send me an email to let me know, but I haven't heard anything yet from them or the dealership. The one I walked through has several issues that needed fixed, and I question the durability of the Lithiums over time. I understand they call this an "entry model", but that doesn't mean I want to throw my money down the toilet. "Entry Model" is a joke, because you would have to have some value left in a camper when it comes time to trade up, and they don't build them well enough to have any lasting value from what I have seen unless you buy a non-"entry model".


Over a year later and this one is still a work in progress. I'm not giving up on getting this horrible design fixed.