Looking for Leisure Time Activity Session Leaders--are you interested in Sharing your Passion?


This year at the Annual Rally we will have a separate room dedicated to Leisure Time Activity sharing on Wed, Thur and Fri.

We are looking for a few additional volunteers with a passion for their craft to be leaders of a 1-2 hr session to demonstrate, or host a small how-to workshop. If you just love to show people what you do during your leisure time, we can dedicate a time slot for you to share your craft. Some areas where we could use a leader are: quilting, word carving, line dancing, stamping, needlework, money saving tips, or anything similar that you do in your leisure time while you RV.

Volunteers so far are:
Scrapbooking and related crafts—Linda Comer
Skin Care and Mini Facials—Nancy Beletti
Jewelry Making--Lisa Altizer
Hooded Baby Towel—Carol Hershberger
Wooden Angels—Betty McGee

We have room for a few more, so if you'd love to lead a session, please contact me, Yorkiemom, via private message or send an e-mail to nbeletti@gmail.com. Put Heartland Rally in the Subject line, so you won't get lost in my in-box!!

These sessions will run concurrent to the regular Rally info sessions, in a separate room. The detailed schedule will be created in late April, after we have all of the volunteers, so if you are interested, let me know before Tax day, April 15th.


Your Leisure Time Activity Team (Nancy Beletti, Dorothy van Opstal and Carol Hershberger)
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Hey all you crafters out there!! Consider sharing your skills during the Goshen Rally.
Are you are willing to lead a session to show others your how you made your favorite quilt, wood carving, needlework, stamping creations, etc? If so, please contact me, Yorkiemom, via private message or send an e-mail to nbeletti@gmail.com. For those leading sessions, we will have the opportunity for you to sell your creations at a vendor table for a 3 hr block of time. Let me know soon, before the timeslots fill up!!