My New (To Me) Truck


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So I made a little upgrade over the weekend. Traded off my 2003 Ram 2500 for this 2009 Ram 3500 dually -


Pretty clean truck, has a few issues, but it's a 14 year old used vehicle. 6.7 Cummins diesel, 4x4, 6-speed manual. It currently has a gooseneck in the bed, I'll be looking to get some 5th wheel rails mounted in it so I can go back to my 5th wheel.
I'm still getting used to it, only had it for 2 days now. It has an on-board factory exhaust brake, not real sure exactly how to use that so I'll need to do some research. I'm familiar with Jacobs Brakes from my Pops being a career truck driver, but I've never actually used one. So I'll need to learn the ins and outs of that.
Anyways, just sharing my new ride. I'm pretty excited about it.


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some hitches out there go right over the gooseball. Just ordered the Crosswing by Lippert two weeks ago waiting for delivery. Luv the engine brake on my Silverado when towing.


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Still learning about this truck. It appears someone upgraded to a one-piece rear driveshaft -
So that's cool. :cool: