New Bighorn 3870FB Kitchen Slide Question

We just purchased a new 2021 3870FB and was curious about the kitchen slide. With the slide all the way out and we try to access the left pantry door it will not open all the way (not even half way) as it hits the trim on the top of the slide above the fridge. When I picked the camper up and we did the walk through I asked about this and was told that it was normal. When I wrap my hand around the side of the slide I would expect the slide to be pushed all the way up against the wall but it's not, I can actually feel the rubber seal. If I do the same to the back side of the slide (the back being the side of the slide in the living room) it's against the wall as you would expect. I measured the distance on the outside of the camper to see if the distance from the outside wall to the outside edge of the slide was the same on each end of the slide. The front side of the slide (fridge side) if 1/2' less than the rear of the slide. Anyone else out there have this model and can share if you are experiencing the same thing.

Thanks for your help


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Hi Chad,

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Sounds like maybe your dealer took the easy out by saying it's normal. From your description, the slide may need to be adjusted a bit. Others with a new 3870FB can probably share how their panty door opens.