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I have been searching like crazy for the best overall fifth wheel camper for our price range and kids. It seems the Greystone the 34QB fills our needs. I wanted to get some input from current owners of Greystone as to any comments good or bad about this fifth wheel. I will be towing it with 2012 Ram 2500 HD CTD CC. I think the truck will be great for this size camper. However, being new to camping. I have purchased a Pullrite superglide 18K hitch. Any help would be appreciated and I look forward to any comments.


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Hi ncrzrbk,

Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum. There's a lot of useful information here along with a great bunch of friend, helpful people.

Finding the rig that is exactly right for you can be daunting, but it sounds like you're there. I'm sure other owners will jump in pretty quickly with their thoughts.


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Hey ncrzrbk

Great to have another Greystone owner! I have a 33 QS which is pretty similar to the 34 QB. I pull mine with a 2500 HD Duramax and it pulls great. I purchased mine in September and have pulled it to TN from Ohio 3 times and so far no issues. Read thru your owners manuals there is a lot of great info as well as this forum is loaded with info and insight from seasoned RV'ers. Probably the most critical thing is keeping on top of your tires air pressure etc..there is a long thread related to blow outs that if you are like me never paid too much attention to the tires it will scare you straight!! lol..
i hope you enjoy!!


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Thanks for the comments. We are probably still a couple of months away from purchasing but I think I have it narrowed down to the 34QB. We are going to look at it this weekend in Ringold,Va. The dealer is only about an hour from our home and looking forward to actually seeing the fifth wheel. I haven't camped since I was a kid and had a lot of fond memories of my days. I hope to pass some of this along to my children as well. Look forward to hearing more about your experiences and the overall quality of the Greystone. From what I have read, and as I said, I have read loads of information about fifth wheels. This one seems to be in our price range and gives us the floor plan we are looking for.


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If you are getting close to buying . . .
Learn everything you can a bout the "Pre-Delivery Inspection" done by YOU and representatives of the dealership. Search that term on this forum.

I know this is going to sound crazy, but talk to your dealership about desired added options, whether listed by Heartland, or just available on the RV parts market and installed by the dealership. Things like premium tires (have the tires balanced by a tire shop after delivery), upgraded shock isolating pinbox, upgraded suspension components (NeverFail bushings, better equalizers or TrailAir CenterPoint or MorRyde IS), Electrical Management System (like Progressive) that will keep your electrical stuff from burning out due to a faulty RV park electrical feed. All this stuff (and more that other forum members will suggest) will be relatively painless to roll into a monthly payment, but hard to come up with the money and time to do once you have taken possession of the rig.


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If you order a coach, then by all means up grade the tires. I would also up grade the axles and brakes. They are alot cheaper from HL than on the street. I recommend the GY G614's. Also get the electric cord reel, 2nd A/C and 2 fantasic in the stool room and one in the living area. All JMHO


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That has been one of my concerns on this unit. The pin weight shows 1,950lbs plus the superglide is around 275lbs. I will be pretty close to the max on payload but I think I am ok on the GCWR. Unless I am missing something. I know there are so many variations that come into play with pin weight and payloads. I have heard that I can add air bags to help with raising the rear axle so the trailer pulls level. I appreciate all the comments and any other advice is greatly appreciated.

Be sure and check the payload chart, it appears you may be overload on pin weight.