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Hello, my wife and I are looking to pull the trigger on what appears to be a gently used ‘16 Oakmont 390. Not really able to find a lot on this line. Just wondering how they were holding up after a few years in existence. Some questions I have are mainly reguarding the lower insulation numbers, lower CCC, 10” frame and the axles being a little lighter rating. We rode down yesterday and give the unit a good once over. We both were impressed with the cleanliness and condition of this particular unit as well as the floorplan and full profile. That massive picture window via campside doesn’t hurt either. Reading different comments and forums here definitely gives good vibes about the whole heartland community. Even looking forward to getting the ol’ FLD120 and Oakmont to a rally or two if we can make this happen. Thank you in advance for all the help.


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Hi Trkboy83,

Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum. We do have a great bunch of friendly and helpful people here, so you may just get some feedback shortly.

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We did not have that model but the two years we owned our Oakmont were enjoyable. We full timed in ours a year as well. The only issue we had with it was when the water pump went out.


We have a 2016 Oakmont 345 RS. We love it. No major issues so far. We did change the tires last year as it came with Towmax tires. They have a terrible reputation so wanted to get ahead of potential issues. Done a few upgrades. Enjoy!

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Thank you! Yes, the maypop tires would be the first to go, how/why manufacturers put tires on these things with enough rating to barely carry the uvw is beyond me. We are getting more excited by the day hoping this works out. Our last rv was an older Franklin tag along with a lot of my blood and sweat and a few tears in. Long story short, it wound up under an oak tree in a spring storm after all was fixed, so never really got to enjoy it. Will be nice to to have one new enough to unfold the awning and chairs and camp!