Original thousand trails membership

Draco Dog

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Our Thousand Trails membership was purchased back in 1976. At this time, there was only 1 campground which was located in Chehalis, WA.

This is one of the few "orginal" memberships left.

Our yearly fees are only $60.00 per year and cannot be raised. The membership also includes features that are no longer available; such as AGP(All Guest Privileges).

My husband passed away last month and I'm not intending to travel/camp by myself, so no longer have any use for this membership.

We have enjoyed Thousand Trails so much and would love to see someone purchase it that can enjoy as much as we have.

Wondering on a "fair price"??


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Does it include on the the Chehalis TT park or can you stay at other TT Parks?

Rod Ditrich

Draco Dog

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Our membership includes all of the Thousand Trail, Leisure Time and Naco campgrounds. We also can camp from location to location without having any "out-time". Ofcourse the time limit on each campground varies depending on the time of year and the location.


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Right now TT is charging $545 per year, for ONE zone. There are 5 different zones in the US.
If your membership is transferable, I would think it would be valuable to someone thinking about purchasing a membership because of the low annual $60 fee.
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I got a Lifetime Thousand Trails Platinum Elite (21 day stays, 7 days out from same park, park to park, 365 days a year) membership from a broker in Florida last summer for $1500 (including transfer fee). Yearly dues this year were right at $600.

Here is a page with current offers of memberships for sale: http://www.rvparkstore.com/rv-park-and-campground-memberships

Here is a link to a campground resale broker (who will take a commission). I think this is who I used last summer:

I hope this works out well for you. Sorry for your loss.
I have one zone right now, and would love to have something like that for later use when I can full time it. to me the 1500 to 2000 range sounds fair price to me, may be even up to 5000 since the dues are fixed and low.
Would make an offer but just dropped 1500 into truck last week and now have exhaust leak at the turbo. but if still have it in a month might be able to work something out.