Our 1st Travel Trailer


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Dsummerlin, welcome to this great forum. Lots of good discussions here.
Your pic didn't show, and wont until you make at least three posts. Then you will be able to post pics.



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Welcome to the forum. There are hours of reading you can do on different subjects. I remember when the wife and I went from a 9ft camper to our first 21ft pull trailer. We thought we were bringing a small apartment with us.lol:)
Congrats on your 1st travel trailer. What kind did you get and what is your tv? Our first and current travel trailer was the Trail Runner. We love it.

That's a great photo by the way. Yea I have been extremely pleased with the trail runner thus far. I wonder what kind the original poster picked up.


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Congrats on your new travel trailer and welcome to the Heartland family. Looking forward to seeing your pictures when posted.


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Welcome!!! We bought a Pioneer in the spring and are really enjoying it. What model did you go with?

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