Our dogs freezer


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So, we have a Cane Corso and we split the fridge. She gets the freezer (she eats raw) and we get the refrigerator (we’re plant based). It works really we for us!

E2B417D1-0460-40A7-8FAF-D2DC97F0E814.jpg Her food.


Grand Poobah!
Those packages look just like ours.

We’ve found some really good prefrozen foods lately. A nice mix of green tripe, heart, beef/chicken/pork, tongue, trachea and eggs as well as chopped pork ribs or cornish hen. Easy to store in the freezer and she’ll eat it frozen or thawed.
Of course she is a blueberry junkie and since it’s blueberry season...


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It hasn’t been over a 107° F yet. No ice needed.

I often hear folks saying it ain't the heat IT'S THE HUMIDITY.
I ordered another bag of Wag dog food last night; it requires no cooling to please my doggies.


Ohh, that was a nice decision. I'm planning to have a puppy and I'm not sure if it's a good idea, bearing in mind I spend lots of time in my house on wheels.