Popping screw heads.


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Since the day we first brought home the Terry, we noticed that just about every screw on the bands around the front window are put in on an angle. Then we noticed one or two missing screw heads, then a few more, then even more as the trailer was used and washed. My theory is that the factory over-torqued these screws. As they were put in, they did not seat and I think they were torqued trying to make the screw seat better. Here's a picture of just one of the screws: 20170824_150249.jpg This head fell off eventually. As did many others.20170824_150233.jpgI contacted Heartland and sent an email and pictures, as requested. Never heard from them again. Our dealership is less helpful than Heartland, so we were on our own, as with ALL the repairs we have done. Scouring the internet, I finally found the double square screws and ordered 50 pcs. We had a break in the weather this past weekend and we were finally able to fix the screws which took a lot of patient drilling and removal. About 5 hours (two people), in all. 20180122_161632.jpg 20180122_161723.jpg ​While we were at it, we painted the silver screws in the window, black. Much better. Also, a while back we looked at an older Airstream. It had a level on the outside and I wondered if they still made them. They do! 20180122_161616.jpg Cool!
So watch for the popping screw head....
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Also, a while back we looked at an older Airstream. It had a level on the outside and I wondered if they still made them. They do! View attachment 56240 Cool!

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Thanks...I should have made that clearer. The one pictured in my post is on our Terry. But, thanks for the link...I should have posted that, too. It looks great on our Terry (IMO) and the shiny siding reflects the level fore and aft. Take care...


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So sorry to see what you had to do. Our dealer replaced all the screws that the heads popped.

I am guessing you must be right about over torque. We only had 3 pop ALL the miles we put on ours.....although we did noticed the inside shelf has tweaked pretty bad. That is a spring project!

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