Purchasing a New Heartland!

We're about to purchase our Heartland camper this afternoon; specifically a 2018 22-RBK.

What should I check specifically prior to purchase?



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When you go for PDI, or to pick it up, do a very good, slow inspection. Check everything from top to bottom and front to back. Make sure everything operates and you can operate everything. Have them have the water hooked up and check for leaks and even draining the tanks. Just check it all.

If you have questions about anything in/on your unit, you can find the answer most likely right here using the search option. We have a great search engine on the forum, both simple and advanced. Sometimes that is the fastest way to find an answer instead of waiting on someone to reply. While you are getting acquainted with the forum try out the search tab for fun.

Also we have a great owners manuals and Heartland User Guide area in the Tools tab at top of page. A lot of the guides are written by members or owners that actually used the subject.

And we also have the best folks in the rv world right here to help out with opinions and suggestions.

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You should plan to do a complete your own Pre-Delivery Inspection. You can use the link below to download mine, or you can search the internet for another one.

This document will take you about 4 hours to complete (don't rush it) and will ensure you understand all the operations of the RV as well as having you inspect the RV. This will help you find all sorts of "gotcha" stuff that might not pop up until later down the road (ie...when your 100's of miles from an RV shop). No matter what the dealer says, their PDI will never cover everything.

Complete this PDI and get dealer to fix all issue before paying for trailer...that way the dealer is very motivated to finish.