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Hi everyone! I just purchased a 22 bighorn traveler , of course no warranty even though it was owned less than a year (red flag?). I see soo many reports of failures and quality issues with heartland, I thought they were well made? Does anyone here have anything good to say or should I be concerned and try to unload it by spring? I haven’t even had it out once.


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Every manufacturer out there seems to have some issues with their rigs. Not making excuses for them, but that's seems to be the way it is for just about every RV builder. Being handy and able to fix minor things yourself really helps. As for Heartland, yes, there are some people who have had a lot of issues. But I think the vast majority enjoy their Heartland rigs. We have been enjoying our Cyclone for 6 1/2 years and have had very few issues. So if you like your rig and there is nothing major wrong with it, I'd say enjoy it!


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I agree with jmarnell. We purchased our 2018 Pioneer new. Had a few issues that had to be addressed but were mostly due to the dealer's fault (1 major issue with LP lines/fittings removed and not reported when sold) and no manufacturer issues. Been up and down the east coast, traveled cross country to the west coast where we now live in Washington state for the past 4 years. We camp 4 - 6 times a year within the state, traveling 4 to 6 hours to campgrounds. I maintain the camper and make repairs myself though no major repairs have occurred. Like any product be it RV, automobiles, home appliances, etc. you don't normally hear about the good stuff. If you are not able to get it out for a trial run, try camping out in your driveway, if possible, to shake it down.


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Honestly every new fifth wheel we have owned so far has been a heartland product. We always used to think they had the best bang for the buck on features etc. The first year of ownership usually was a chore to find and fix all the things that were not quite right while under warranty. I was lucky enough to have smaller things that I was able to repair, with parts myself. Not involving the dealer which means you wait forever to get something done.

Like others here have said, all RVs are built by hand one at a time, by people who are in a rush. So brands better built? I dont think thats really the case. We have looked at other brands before, and I always go to their forum and look around. A lot of the same complaints no matter who puts the name on the outside.
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Jim Posz

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We have had a '21Bighorn Traveler 32RS since October '21. It followed two Sundance 5th wheels; an '07 and a '14. The first one actually had the most issues, but both it and the '14 made the drive to Alaska. I am hoping to get back there with the Bighorn Traveler this year; went to the MorRyde IS and disc brakes in anticipation.

No significant indues with the Traveler; I would buy it again.

Hope this helps.


We have a 21' 39MB Bighorn Traveler. Bought it new. Only major issue was a faulty leveling outside key pad. The water inlet system was bad. Was a major issue for many due to faulty manufacturing. Other than that, can't complain. Had a Primetime Crusader prior, never again!


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2018 Torque 327 only had two problems with two windows in garage that leaked. Warranty took care of that problem. Other problem was the shotty factory job of the ac ducts not being sealed at the air plenum and I repaired that.