Rally service - SOOOO Awesome


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Thank you, thank you, thank you,

I have been visiting with so many people pre-Rally and everyone I talked with have been praising the service crew. They couldn't say enough about how responsive they have been, how curtious all the crew have been. A lot of newbies to the rally have been really overwhelmed with how quickly they have been serviced. Most told me that the crew was at their site as they were backing in. Awesome. I too have been blessed by the workings of the service crew. Jim Fenner and Gary Shellenberg and the crew have been absolutely awesome.

Thank you so much Heartland for all you do,



Thank you, Jim Fenner and all the crew. The guys working on our LM worked quickly and efficiently. A pleasure to have working on our LM. We appreciate this service so much.

Carolyn and J.D.


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Many thanks to Jim Fenner, Matt and the rest of the crew for an outstanding job, rain or shine. I know that they went above and beyond taking care of folks that hadn't signed up and some that had "extras". You all are outstanding.

Thanks again,



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Fenner and all the guys were FANTASTIC! Thanks to the entire Heartland family! We are having a great time!


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To the people that missed comming to the Heartland owners rally You sure missed a great time. Jim Fenner you should be proud of the service repair people, WE SURE ARE! Thank you for the great service on a great product TRAVELER07


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I had just reached down to hook up the sewer line and there was a face looking back at me!!! :eek:

Turns out it was a Lippert Tech checking the springs, u-bolts and such.

They were at it all week; in the heat and in the rain on Thursday & Saturday. Incredible service!!


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Just back from Heartland Factory...

For some the repairs were a little too much to be done on the Rally Grounds. Heartland's hard working crew continued back at the factory with those repairs...

They hit the ground running when the RV arrived... The guys worked so well together they demonstrated a awesome example of Team Work . it shouldn't be a surprise though.... To me they showed their loyalty to the Company they work for... and the product it puts out.

I am very thankful for all the work they did... and the special attention they showed each and every one of us.

Thanks Heartland !!



We really appreciated the service, too. Ironically, we had no issues to request in advance. However, as we were on our way to Goshen we crossed some very harsh sections of Indiana's I-74. Well I had absently forgot to put the stove covers on the stove before we left in the morning. One bounced out from the storage area above the microwave and landed on the sink cover. So, we arrived with a sink that sank, or sunk sink? Anyway, I went to the service tent, not expecting to get any help because we didn't submit a work order. I was SHOCKED when a crew showed up at our rig about two hours later and up-righted our sink, including a seal around it that was better than when the rig was delivered. They also attacked a couple of other issues that they saw. Chuck spent the most time inside our rig and was an incredible ambassador for Heartland! Thanks to him and his crew!!!

This was our first rally ever. And it's our first introduction to Heartland beyond the dealership experience. While we've been extremely pleased with our Landmark Augusta over the past 20 months, we were amazed at this kind of service. It was completely unexpected - I think Heartland has a great future when their employees can represent the company so well and just reinforce the positive ownership experience. I'd have a very, very difficult time choosing to go with another company's coach after this and the factory tour, and management's engagement with everyone. It was a First Class Experience!

Thanks, Jim Beletti, Jim Fenner, and especially Chuck and his team! You were AWESOME!!!!


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One person that has not been named in this post is Heartland's Sean Andrews, Director of Dealer Services. Sean spent a great deal of time reviewing your pre-rally service requests, obtained more information where necessary, and had all of the parts waiting for you. Both he and Jim Fenner deserve a lot of credit, as well as the entire Heartland and Lippert staff.