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My poor puppy is going to be 13 years old this year. She has a herniated disc and arthritis in her back knees. The old camper was not a big issue as it only had two steps into the camper. But the new Sundance has 4 steps into it. She's not going to able to go up or down that all summer long.

I'm looking for some suggestions as to what others did for their older dogs. I've looked at the dog ramps for vans and SUVs but I'm not sure if we would have to move it to shut the screen door and/or outside door. Plus, we all would need to be using the ramp if it stays in place. My camper is on a seasonal campsite, so it's not going to be going anywhere. I was thinking of builing a combination ramp/staircase to place next to unit and not use the camper's folding steps.

Any thought/recommendations? Picking her up and carrying her in is not an option. She doesn't like getting picked up. I think it hurts the disc.


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I would consider building a small deck, say 4 x 4, with a ramp going to it from the side (low enough to allow for opening the basement hatch, and steps going straight to the deck into the door. This would allow for the steps not interfering with the ramp and the ramp long enough so that your best friend would not have a problem. If you want to get real fancy, hinge the ramp in the middle so that it would not give you any restriction to get into the basement. Just an idea.



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Looks like you have ample room to build a raised platform level with the door sill that extends almost to the basement door and then some to the opposite side of the door. Place the steps and ramp as jpmorgan37 described. For safety, put a railing on the basement door side, either side of the front steps, and on the ramp side. Leave an opening under the railing for the pooch to get on the platform from the ramp. With modular construction and carriage bolts to assemble it, you can dissassemble it when you leave the site.


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We have a ramp made by Dogramp.com. You can also get them at Petco or petsmart I believe it is. We just keep ours to the side a little so we can still use the steps. Problem may be with 4 steps that may be a little steep. Not sure if it is because yours sets higher or the steps are smaller in height. Anyway our dog is 14 and he can pretty much get up the ramp by himself, once in a while we have to give him a push if he is tuckered :).


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Thanks for the input everyone. This is my first full season on the site. I'm not ready to build a full deck yet. That's probably summer 2010. But with Sasha's condition, I don't think she's going to make it another year and half.

Pulltab, I looked at Dogramp.com. I think that's what I'm going with now that I see how you have it set up. Our steps are the same as your's. I was just count the step into the camper from the top steel step as the fourth step. Do you tie the ramp to the top step just in case the dog step too far to the right side of the ramp to prevent it from flipping off?


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Hi Tim,(or Shelley :) ) no we dont tie it. It pretty much stays in place no problem, there are a couple of rubber bumpers on the bottom where is sits. If you were concerned you could drill a hole thru ramp and the step and drop a bolt or pin in it.


This weekend we bought a petstep from petco and it worked great for my 9 yr old dog. She was hesitant the first time and then we found her always walking up it to tell us she wanted in.


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Just What WE Need!

My DH thought we were the only ones with a dog who has issues with steps!

Love this forum! Our 120 lb boxer/mastiff will not go down the steps in our Big Horn, and once already he has gotten his rear leg caught up.

I keep telling my DH we need a ramp, this looks just like what we need.

The cost of the ramp pays for itself with the security of knowing our beloved pets are safe and happy and no expensive vet bills with torn ligaments or other issues.



I don't know if this will help you but, here is what we did..

First I had to find out how long of a ramp I could carry. I first carried it in the back of my truck bed along side the 5th wheel when I did not have my 45gal fuel tank. I took 2x2 boards and made a frame that was 7ft long and wide enough that I could insert it inside the width of our steps. Put 3 braces between the long boards. Then I put some 1/4" plywood on the frame. Then I took some old coarse carpet and glued to the plywood. I then took 2 heavy 6" x 3" L brackets and screwed them to the bottom of the frame near the outside edge. These will hook on the step above so it will not slide out when walking up or down the ramp.

When I went fulltime I installed my fuel tank and could not put the ramp in the bed of the truck. With my Bighorn I could slide the ramp into the front of the main basement when we traveled.

To get our dog into the truck I went to one of the pet stores and bought an aluminum ramp that folded in half. I carried it in the bed of the truck. If you get one be sure you use a bungee cord to hold it down. The wind through the bed of the truck will blow it out. I had mine fly up and hit the front of the trailer and fall back into the bed. On the aluminum ramp I also used Gorilla glue to hold pieces of an outdoor rug from Lowes on the ramp.

Our dog was a 135 lb German Sheppard. For him to get into the trailer and truck I only had to help raise his rear end up a little at the top of the ramps.

I don't have a detailed picture of the ramp but I do have a few pictures that the ramp is shown in.



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We had a TT that we sold in April. We love taking our two Golden Retrievers wherever we can and they love the trailer.

And we have been to areas where it would have been also nice to have the motorcycle with us.

So - we have ordered a Cyclone, not so much for the motorcycle, but more so for the dogs. No worry about wet or muddy dogs with a separate garage access. And if they have to stay in the garage a bit, the sliding glass patio door that is available will not have them feeling to "left out".

Should we make it to one of the rallies we'll be the people with the two GR's and the parrot.

Delaine and Lindy

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Thanks for this post we are looing for the same type ramp to get our dog (Montana) into the Freightliner M2, if we do the trade. But have to wait to see what length we need. No problem for storing will put on the deck by the 5th wheel hitch its about 10' and length and shouldn't be a storage problem. And we ordered the 4 steps for getting into the 5er. GBY....


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We ordered and received our ramp for our 120 mastiff/boxer mix as it is too difficult for him with the 4 steps.

It is the best investment, and he had no problems using the ramp, in fact he enters and exits our RV now with to hesitation at all. He took to the ramp like a duck to water!

We love the ramps we chose, as it extends and also folds in half for storage in the basement and has a great carry handle as well.

We opted for the larger ramp and it was a great investment. When not in use it just sits to the side of the RV steps.


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You forgot to add

Duane you forgot to add that the garage will make a nice place for a Blue and Gold to hang out in his travel cage and perch.
Boy are we going to give that nice central vac that you surprised me with a work out!! :D:eek: