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Looking for recommendations for a rearview camera. My trailer is not prewired so it will have to be wireless. My concern is the long distance the signal will need to travel to get to the truck cab monitor, and all the metal it needs to go through to get there. Any suggestions?


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I have a 4 camera solution from Furrion on our Bighorn and love it. I still need to add the 4th camera over the door. Here is a link to that install video.

After I did that video, I was contacted by HaloView to do an install & review of their solution. I like the Haloview, a tiny bit more, as it allows the video stream to be recorded, so you have video proof if someone were to hit your RV.

Note...I did not pay for the Haloview, it was sent to me to review. As you will see in the video, I did not remove my Furrion system on our Bighorn, rather I did the Haloview install on a buddies RV. . Yea...great for him!!


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Watched your YT video. Great review Jim and I agree with all of your points. I have a 4-cam Furrion system and have always wished it would record. Halo seems like a great option for RVers.


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the 2015 Newport is not prewired for a Rear Camera. What are the options? Thanks


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You can add a wireless camera but you will still need a power source. Most people get their power from a marker light and keep their lights on while traveling.

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