Roof Issues


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While getting our 2012 Big Country ready to sell, I noticed the rubber roof is like a marshmallow — squishy. But also the front sub roof is spongy. It appears the seal on the front air has been compromised. Looking further, there are only two bolts holding the unit down. There are two in the front, but the two in the rear are missing. There's a plate covering where the bolts should go, so they could never have been installed from the factory. Pretty frustrated....

I'm handy enough, but don't know if I have the time to replace it myself. What are the current fixes for these situations? I've read about Flex-something, but the local dealer acted like I was an idiot for even mentioning it. Any ideas / direction? Thanks!


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Well flex seal coating, and tapes are for resealing seams. As for spongy plywood, theres only one fix for that, and it involves removing the damaged areas, and getting a new roof.


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Never use Flex Seal on the roof. It looks nice at first, but will quickly dry out and crack up in the sun. The original owner for our first RV tried using that to cover up the seals, which ended up causing a huge headache for me.

If the plywood is spongy in a small spot, you could potentially try to locate the leak and fix it before the damage spreads. This is what I did on our first RV and it seemed ok. I was very upfront when I sold it though, and let the buyer know it had leaked at one point, and it had a soft spot.

If it has a large area that is soft, the wood will need to be replaced which is not a small job. There are tons of roof replacement videos online that show the process.

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