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We have just purchased a new Greystone 33CK in Alberta, Canada. We have the two bunks in the back with the leather love seat underneath floor plan. I am wondering if heartland makes, can make, or can get a matching wooden safety rail for the top bunks. I am aware that I can buy safety rails from places like Walmart, however I am having difficulty finding one that covers the whole length of the bunk.
Also can the love seat be replaced easily with the third bunk and trundle bed at some point? We bought this trailer to accommodate our family of four, and have just found out that we will be a family of five next camping season! YAY!
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Hello. I'm currently working out a deal on a Greystone 33ck and my wife has already indicated that she wants rails and I agree. Our kids are too young and fall out of their current beds from time to time. We are not looking at the couch. We like the third bunk with trundle bed. That couch would be nice also. It's not a easy decision. Looks like I'll have to build rails or request a special build from Heartland that I can install just so that the wood / finish is an exact match.

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Hello brownshoes and bowhunt73,

Welcome to both of you to the Heartland Owners Forum and Family. We have a great bunch of people here with lots of information and all willing to share their knowledge if needed.

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Hey guys! Welcome to the Heartland family. Heartland currently doesn't offer a railing system for the bunks, but I will talk with production to see if they can come up with any suggestions. Remember, the sofa in the back room does come equipped with a air mattress hide a bed, so you still have a minimum of 3-4 sleeping postions in the back room with the sofa. If you choose to switch out to the third bunk and trundle bed, that wouldn't be a problem through your dealer. The bunk and trundle feature is standard build for the 33CK, but the sofa in rear has been a very popular option.

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I talked with heartaland today and they said they can get the wood but that they don't do custom orders:(
Let me know how you make out.


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Thanks Jim and Jim. Well, at least we can get the wood so that it matches. Jim H. It would nice to see a system down the road where you can put up the rails for the younger kids and then take them down eventually when they get older or just have the option.

I don't mind building the rails, but I need a solution by next Wednesday. We are heading out on our first trip. I don't think the store ones will work that you put under the matress since the bunks are not like a heavy twin matress to hold those flaps down.