Should I get 4X4 or 4X2?


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Hands down a 4 X 4! Do you know how easy it is to get a 4 X 2 stuck OR in a wheel spinning situation..... TOO EASY!

At least I have had to resort to 4 X 4 more than a few times. (Mostly in reverse!) And as stated earlier: "it is better to have it and not need it rather than need it and not have it." This does de-rate your towing/hauling but not by that much. If you are cutting it that close you need to re-think anyway as I am currently doing!:D

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Have had two incidents where the 4x4 proved the way to go. One was on a paved campsite but was slightly up hill. Couldn't get backed into it without the 4 wheel drive. The other was on the Outer Banks and we weathered a tropical storm over night and was leaving the next morning to find that the ocean had washed sand over the highway. I was able to get through the blockage, however the 4x2 following me wasn't as fortunate. But, I did have a tow strap and while I was contemplating unhooking to help the guy out, another 4 wheel drive truck came along and used my strap to pull him through. Mileage difference is minor usually less than 1 mpg when unloaded and less when towing.


hi howard,
we also have the 4x4. worked great getting us out of a very muddy camping space in tennessee after it had been raining for three days!
hope to see you all at the fall beach rally.

We've decided to get a 2010 Dodge 3500, Crew Cab, long bed, dully, 4X4 with automatic transmission. I hope the Chrysler bankruptcy doesn’t mess us up. We measured the difference in bed height between the 4X4 and 4X2 on the 2009 Dodge 3500. It turned out to be only 2 inches. I don’t think that difference will cause Kathy a problem being able to get into the cab.

Kathy is scheduled to work the weekend of the fall rally and may not be able to get off. We have narrowed out short list down to a Landmark and Big Horn. We have only seen two Landmarks and one of those was a classic so we’d like to look at a couple more before we buy one. So I may come by myself if Kathy is not able to get off work that weekend. I will have to stay in a local motel since there is no way we’ll have our truck and Heartland by the fall rally.

I talked with my service advisor at my local Dodge dealer about the warrantee on the diesels since you had raised that as a concern at the spring rally. I think I get a Chrysler extended warrantee.

We’re looking forward to see you, Harriet and Max again.

Thanks for all the help. Everyone has been VERY helpful.

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MY two cents worth I would go with the 4x4. I drive a gmc crew cab and it rides like a car. Don't worry about getting stuck as you say. I average between 16 and 18 mpg just the truck and about 9 to 10 towing. I pull a bighorn 3055rl. I was stuck in the snow with it once ,with a much smaller trailer and was pulled out by a guy in a jeep. what an embarrassing moment. Stock tires,since have upgraded to goodrich ta's two sizes bigger 265,s what a difference. good luck in your choice


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have 4x4 on our 08 Dodge Maga Cab. It was unplanned but we have been in snow, very wet RV parks, and on slippery green grass. With 4x4, not only low gears, but not digging holes in some one's RV park. Has work out great for us. Did have to get towed out of the snow once by a very big bucket loader.