Slide leaking 3612 Razor


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I am having a problem with the front slide leaking while it is closed. From all appearances, it is tight against the body when closed. the gaskets all appear to be in good condition - no tears, etc. There is no sign of moisture at the top or sides. I noticed the problem last week when I opened the slides for company. The carpet in front of the slide was soaked and the trim pieces at the bottom were stained. I pulled out the 2 drawers and the boxes and cabinets were full of mold. There is staining on the wood framing at the floor. I did not see a water trail from above and the only staining was at the floor level. The side gaskets all appear to be in good condition when the slide is oopened. The slide is pretty well centered in the opening. This slide contains the refer and range. I am waiting for a good rain to see if I get any leaks while the slide is open.
Any suggestions?
Other than the bottom of the verticle trim piece where the vinyl covering is coming off, there does not appear to be any permanent damage


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I would check the refrigerator vents and how the compartment is sealed. I recalled a thread dealing with this same issue and here is the link to that thread. [URL="//"]http:[/URL][URL="//"]//[/URL] Read the last two posts on page 4.

Maybe you could PM racermom and find out exactly what was done to fix the problem.



We took water in on our dining room slide during the noreaster a couple of weeks ago. thought that the wind had blown in the water and have been drying out the carpeting and trim ever since. After having it leak again with this weeks rain I started to look in the forims and it sounds like a slide alignment problem. I am going to take it to the repair facility up the road and see if they can get the slide to seal tighter.