Solid Step Questions 14 4100HD


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Looking to install either the Lippert or Mor-ryde Solid Steps on the camper but our first step up to the bedroom juts out a little bit even though it is rounded and I wanted to see if anyone has installed the steps on their rigs. Also did you go with the 3 or 4 step? I am thinking the 4 step as I hate our 3 step fold downs.


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Have you looked at the Torklift steps? They fold up into the same space as the factory setup but are adjustable up and down and also have stabilizers on the ground. But they are pricier than the Lippert and Moryde steps. I have a 4200 and they recommend the 4 step for the Torklift. Haven’t pulled the trigger yet to purchase them. Waiting for a sale.

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My Sundance 3310CL has a rounded step and it sticks out. I installed the Sold Step and it clears. You will never regret installing the solid steps they are GREAT!