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Hello Heartland owners,
I have a generic question that has been possibly asked a lot and hope someone can be of some help. My wife and I are new retirees and are looking into purchasing a 2016 Heartland Wilderness 2475BH travel trailer so we can travel and explore this beautiful country we live that the good Lord has blessed us all with and we have to make a decision ether to buy our new trailer here in Texas or in Mississippi. So my question is if we buy a trailer out of state will I have a issue trying to get any repair work done on it here in TX under any warranty, you see we went to a RV delear to view some trailers and while talking to the sales person there they had made a comment that its better to buy a trailer from them for any warranty work for in the future and that those who bring there trailers in for any repaires from other states get put in the back of the line and there customers are first that was so-prizing to my wife and I. We have a opportunity in purchasing a trailer of a savings of $4,309.00 dollars and thats with out any $ taxes and $ fees that are added on too and this will be a major monetary purchase and I don't have a money tree in my back yard and also the dealership in Mississippi is only 10 hrs from us and I don't mind driving I do have the time so any input with past experience would be great thank you and God bless.


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Hi Drkangel1,

Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum. There's lots of useful information here along with a great bunch of friendly and helpful people.

We used to be in Austin and heard the same story from the dealer in Kyle. Ended up buying in Elkhart, IN at considerable savings. All of our warranty work was done by Camper Clinic II in Buda. Give them a call to see if they're willing to handle yours. Ask for Melanie Grantham. And tell her Dan Mayer says hello.

If you do buy out of state, know that some states have reciprocal agreements on collecting Texas tax and filing title paperwork. Others do not. If the dealer can't collect tax and file the title paperwork, you have a limited time to get that done back home before incurring a penalty. In 2010, there was a 21 day limit. Also consider that if the dealer can't handle the taxes, and you're financing, you'll have to come up with the sales tax and fees separately.


Hi Drkangel1,

Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum and hopefully to the family. We have a great bunch of folks here with lots of information and all willing to share their knowledge when needed.

Also if you do have a problem, Heartland is good about working with you if you need parts to do your own work and also working with independent repair techs if you call and get authorization first.

Hope to see you at a rally some day.

Jim M


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Hi Drkangel1,
You will most likely get a lot of feedback on your question as many on here have been through the warranty work process. Tis true, each dealer is different with respect to how receptive they are to conducting warranty work on coaches purchased elsewhere. Some dealers will treat you no different than one of their own; however, there are those who will put you at the bottom of their priority list and you can find these horror stories all over.

Like your considering, we purchased our current coach out of state for the cost savings. The closest Heartland dealership to us (and only one) does not sell our model. Even though we could have ordered from them, we did not provide them opportunity to quote our build order. We feared potentially sparking a poor relationship should we have chosen to decline their quote, purchase elsewhere and then return to them for warranty work on the same coach they previously quoted us and we turned down. Therefore, prior to purchasing a unit out of state, I met with the service manager of this dealership, I explained our intentions of purchasing out of state and my hopes of having it serviced for warranty work and thereafter the life of our ownership at his dealership. The meeting and his response provided me a great deal of positive feedback on their willingness to provide quality service. In addition, I went out on the net and pulled their service reviews and found others who did the same as I was considering. We purchased and our experience has been great. The dealership has serviced our unit for little warranty work stuff three times now without issue. They even found things the manufacturing floor missed which I was unaware of. Meeting the service manager and putting out there what you intend to do doesn't guarantee positive future service, but with reviews, it should provide you some sense of receptiveness.


Hi Jim, I want to thank you for the information it is very appreciated
and yes maybe one day we will meet at the rally.


Hi Dan, I really want to than you for bringing this too our attention about the reciprocal agreements on taxes we were not aware of, we will have too contact the dealer and ask about it and for the repair center information in Buda Im glad there are great RVs like you out there looking out for us rookies starting off. Thank you agin for your time.


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Here is my take on the warranty service from another dealer... There is a service group some dealers are members of called Route 66. It is a system where dealers who are members of Route 66 agree to treat purchasers from Route 66 dealers are treated as if they purchased from that dealer. I know the Ron Hoover dealerships in Texas are Route 66 members. The other thing is Heartland RV will allow (with prior authorization) you to get warranty service from independent service providers whether they be mobile or sticks/bricks providers. Just call HL customer service first. Then the reality of the whole service situation is most dealers will provide service however they will put non-customers at the back of the line behind their customers. Hope this helps.


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Know, too, that after the warranty expires, your dealer will be calling you "Mr. Cash." In addition, there are mobile technicians that can do warranty work on these rigs if you coordinate through Heartland. You will have to pay for their service call, not the labor & materials, though.