Thousand Trails/Leisure Time


X-Rookies Still Luving it
I am in total agreement with u folks, my only problem is the $750 transfer fee to 1000 Trails and the fact u can stay at the exact same sites for alot less. The almighty dollar speaks loudly and clearly. My post #37 says it all. For a grand, u can stay in these same sites for 10 bucks a nite. And many more from different programs to boot. I have referred several folks to the campground I joined, which u don't even ever have to visit.


Medina Lake has been our favorite. One day we will make it to some of the other parks that everyone raves about.
We like Medina Lake too, what we don't like is all the deer droppings. The park in the past few years has been totally over-run with deer. It is impossible to walk anywhere without stepping in deer droppings. Seems to me that might present a health problem for pets and people. I've seen several deer with deformaties, most likely due to in-breeding. Someone needs to weed out at least 1/2 of the deer population.