Waiting on our 3500RL!


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My husband and I have been researching 5th wheels for 4 years, it didn't take long to find Heartland were the best made but hardest to find!
After choosing the floor plan we liked best we finally found exactly what we wanted - in Texas.
3 weeks and counting to delivery, excited!

Not my first go around with moving land yachts but not a towable. Owned one of the last custom made 40' diesel pushers from Forest River and loved it, the HL will take time getting used to something that isn't fully attached to the drivetrain.


Hi ParkIt,

Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum and Family. We have a great bunch of people here with lots of information and all willing to share their knowledge if needed.

We also think Heartlands are the best and we do have just about anything in Texas. So come on down.

Enjoy the forum and your new unit.

Jim M


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Almost a month later...it was delivered the yesterday and knew getting it onto our property would be tricky from high branch holly & fir trees. It was almost comical trying to get it where we just had an area graded & packed, all trees were pruned way back. That wasn't enough! Took the delivery driver almost an hour to jockey it in with us scrambling to cut a limb on one side then find that angle wouldn't work and un-do our neighbors decoration garden bed (I asked first, they had no problem with that). Finally we got it in place!
Its good to have it here though we won't be traveling with it until October or so, its the reason I chose the user name as we knew it would be parked for awhile then move south after summer to be parked in a warmer location.
We are keeping our eyes open for a good deal on a used truck to haul it with but until then - our 2nd home is about 30' from our garage :)


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Congrate on the purchase of a great trailer.
We have been living in our 3500RL for the past 2 years and its been a great home.
We fell in love with the layout at first site.
It a heavy trailer but the truck tows it well and traveling back and forth to Florida has been great.


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Congratulations on your Big County. Wish I was the fly on the wall watching the action but at least you got it where you wanted it. We are in the waiting game cuz we just ordered a new 3650 Big Country. Hopefully it will be in for the Goshen rally.
Again congrates and travel safely this fall.


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Welcome to the group. We also went from a 40ft MH to a 3500RL. With less traveling and more staying, this floor plan gives us the room we were looking for. Hope you enjoy yours as much as we do ours.


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Thanks all - I've been trying to get some time here when I can, so much to do around the house when we get the rare sunny days lately. I've found an ever growing list for the 5er but then again when you buy a custom unit you can customize it the way you want. All those little things...start adding up ;) Finding good pictures and info on what others have done to their units especially those that are out for long periods and docked up. Its what I used to do with the MH and looking forward to doing it again.

One of the primary reasons we chose this unit over the others is the floor plan; my husband, myself, 3 neurotic cats and 2 woofers can live in it for extended periods without me going bonkers or my husband "camping out" under the front cap with the dogs. I don't mind a smaller area for the bedroom to have a separate toilet closet and w/d out of the wardrobe area. Since we find we don't like a King size bed I've already got the platform off to cut for a Queen - a little more room and a lot more cuddling ;)

Have some new furniture in from the house for longer living periods, its much easier to try something and find it will or won't work in a few minutes than purchasing or shopping only to find it didn't fit like you thought it would. Been loading it up gradually and playing with the "what does this do/er, where was that light switch again?" so by the time we are set up in October there won't be any futzing around.

And I'm delighted our neighbors who were thinking about purchasing a 5th wheel but then decided not to have been on the hunt after ours was delivered - they walked in and that was it - they started searching and may have found their Heartland as well. You just can't pass these up after seeing it set up :cheers: