What did you do to your camper today?


Loaded up the 5th wheel and off for the 1st trip with the "new to us" Elkridge xtreme lite 5er. Just a short 4 day adventure.


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I was in Aransas Pass for 3 months this past winter and personally, I would not take my Landmark which is about the same size as a Cyclone on one of those Ferrys. I have a friend who tried to take his Landmark across and the tide was out and they wouldn't let him and he had to go around the other way on S. Padre Island Dr. over the causeway to Port Aransas. My advice to save you some time and trouble is to just plan on crossing over on the causeway.

I somewhat agree with what you say. It’s personal preference. We’ve crossed on the ferry 4 times over the last several years with our 44’ Cyclone and have never been denied crossing. It’s worth the gamble for us considering where we are coming from. But it’s good to give everyone a heads up that the possibility is there.


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We are still retiring heating pads on the tanks (running the wires). Also replacing the coroplast and fiberglass that came out when we had to get into the underbelly to replace hydraulic hoses.
We are replacing the coroplast not in one sheet but several so if one has to be removed, we don’t have to cut it.


I repainted the RV's exterior. To guarantee that the first layer of paint clings to the RV's surface, use a bonding primer. The paint will produce ugly bubbles if the primer is not used. Furthermore, the paint will be susceptible to cracking and simple removal from natural elements like rain and strong winds.
Added some new steps this year because I have 2 champion Rottweilers that camp with us and my male hurt himself on the factory steps last year and had to get ACL surgery in the off season. Decided 500.00 steps vs 5000.00 surgery is a way better option! Lol. And they are 100X more sturdy and easy to get into camper!


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Finished installing a new (warrenty replacement) tpo roof membrane on our 2015 Bighorn 3610. The original epdm roof developed the blistering problem from that era. This is not a job to take litely especially if you are a 65 year old retiree.


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Rod_s a very nice-looking job. So, you starting a new career now?
I did an extensive amount of research and modified some of Dicor's instructions and at one point I wondered if I was in over my head but one day at a time it is done and better than if a shop had done it. I can say with certainty that I'll never do this again. I will help and advise somebody but not on my own. To be fair I had an assistant the day I glued the new membrane down.