what kind of hydraulic fluid


I was just trying to find out what kind of hydraulic fliud i should use in a 2012 cyclone front landing gear i would like to keep some extra. Also with slides out the hydo fluid bottle is below have is there a fill line on the bottle thxs for help


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Hi sanbullet: I would expect that you have Lippert components in your Cyclone. I use a Dexron VI Auto Transmission fluid from O'Reilly's Auto parts. You should be able to find auto-trans fluid at about any auto-parts store. The following is a reprint from the Lippert Components 5th wheel hydraulic slideout and landing gear system service manual. This should give you the info you are looking for. gbills.

[FONT=Arial,Italic][FONT=Arial,Italic]Lippert Hydraulic Slideout and HLG System [/FONT][/FONT]uses automatic transmission fluid (ATF). Any ATF can be used. A full synthetic or synthetic blend works best such as Dexron II, Dexron III or Mercon 5. For best operation, fill system within 1” of the top when all slideouts and landing gear are completely retracted. The see through reservoir makes it easy to check oil level. It is recommended that the oil level be checked prior to operating the system. Make sure the breather cap is free of contamination before removing, replacing or installing. In colder temperatures (less than 10° F) the cylinders and jacks may extend and retract slowly due to the fluid’s molecular nature. For cold weather operation, fluid specially formulated for low temperatures may be desirable.


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We use the Dexron VI Auto Transmission fluid also as per Lippert instructions.


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Your bottle will be low when the slides are out. Dont add any fluid, cause you can overfill the bottle.


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I marked my reservoir levels with a Sharpie soon after I got the rig, both slides in and out. Easy visual check for any fluid loss that doesn't immediately show itself.
Only leak I've had was minor one at a seal on a slide selector valve at the pump.