Where Do You Buy Wall Hugger Power Recliners?


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I have been fruitlessly searching to buy a Wall Hugger Power Recliner for my Big Horn. Lazy Boy and most big name brands have one or the other, not both, but to save as much room as possible we want to procure a leather power recliner that hugs the wall but isn't necessarily a rocker. I have poured through many websites of these big name brand stores to no avail. I don't know about anyone else, but the factory supplied recliners aren't the most comfortable or easy to use.

I think I speak for many people who have a bad back or other painful conditions, wouldn't it be nice to sit in a recliner with a lumbar support, where one can just press a button and the recliner easily leans back or returns to its original position? I want to be clear I don't want a lift up recliner made by medical supply stores, just one that you don't have to really push down on the legs to get up.

Anyone with ideas or knowledge of a store to find that type recliner would be appreciated.


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I know that these chairs are probably more than you want to spend but let me give you a hands down, these are unltimately the best. The DW has had a 3 level semi fusion on levels L5-L2 and will tell anyone these chairs are the only ones that give back pain relief. Unlike typical recliners that lift the legs and lay your upper body back, these actaullly "roll" your entire body into a horizontal position and when you go past the "zero gravity" position the amount of relief you feel on your back is amazing. I know I sound like a salesman but trust me, these things are awesome. We have talked about for long trips removing our "L" couch and putting one of these in it's place. We do have the electric model which is controlled by the same lever as the manual. Check out their website and find a store nearest to you to take a test drive, it will be worth any drive.


P.S. When we were in the Back Store last time they had the biggest massage chair that human touch makes and the DW fell in love. After about 30 mins of sitting in the chair getting a massage in the middle of the store I had to get her up to leave.


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Hi Larry,
Thanks for a good start. There seems to be many choices, but I don't know about you, but I would like to sit in the recliner first before buying over the internet, so can you or anyone suggest an actual store to go to? Once I find the most comfy power recliner that has lumbar support, I will be in RV heaven! We are dumping one of our factory recliners so our 2 beagles will have a place to sleep. I am amazed that Lazy Boy had no recliners with my specs.