where is my splitter ?


2012 greystone 33ck 5th wheel ,,,, cabling is a horror show , i have read 800 threads on every other heartland trailer and that doesnt help me !
it has kitchen tv and outside kitchen and rear bunk tvs ,,,apparently the cable goes from front tv toward rear into a splitter and to tvs ,,,, my question is : only on a 2012 greystone 33ck , where is the splitter located ?????? dealer just told me under kitchen sink ,,,, NOT ,,,, not behind speakers ,,,, cable goes from front tv down to storage and back up wall at steeps where thermostat is ,,,, someone has to know where the splitter is ?!
i just bought it and im ready to sell it !!!!


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At least one splitter should be behind the UDC. You do have an over the air amplifier and serves as a splitter as well. Most of the time it is located in the bedroom. Make sure the amp is off when using the park cable and on for the antenna. This is how most fifth wheels are set up.


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Look in the tools section (bar at the top of the page). You might find a coax wiring schematic for your rig.