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As you can see from the attached screen shot, I've got a problem. I want to attend the Wisconsin Rally and I want to see the Buckeyes play the Golden Gophers.

There are tons of variables here, most of which are Covid, what's going to be open/available, etc. Not even sure if I can get into the Gophers game at this point. But, as you can see, I've got about 3 weeks (19 nights) to kill. Minneapolis is as far north as I've been, so I have no idea what to do/see above there. If the Canadian border will be open, it's an easy call. But if it's not and they're going to let people into the Buckeyes/Gophers game, I need help.

Sell me your region. Give me some ideas.

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Thanks in advance.


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Born and raised in the Minneapolis/St Paul area for 38 years. Thankfully I haven’t resided there for the last 30. Just a FYI, Minnesota doesn’t really start until you go about 100 miles north of the twin cities (Mpls/St Paul). Head up towards Brainerd. There are tons of lakes and state parks but you need to start now for sites. The weekends are going to be your hardest to secure a site. Canada is, in my opinion, out of reach as it’s about 300 north of the cities. Duluth isn’t too far from the Brainerd lakes area if you haven’t seen Lake Superior. You could go up the gun flint trail in the arrow head section but that is up in the miles too. However it’s very nice.

As to covid - ??


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there's plenty to do & see right from Countryroads RV Park, wife & I attended the WI Camp Out last year(our 1st); we went on day trips each on our Harley. We traveled through the Amish areas, up to LaCrosse & rode along the Mississippi River, House on the Rock is close by to the park. We live up by Ashland, WI plenty of things to see. My two cents worth.

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Have you been to the Apostle Islands? It’s a really neat area. We went there after stopping at Countryroads last year and stayed at the Apostle Islands Campground. Check to see if the boat tours are running though. It’s great sunset cruise through the islands

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We always found a lot to do around the Wisconsin rally. Terry and Jackie do a great job. We went to two Minnesota rallies, one Near Preston and the other in Bemidji. Thoroughly enjoyed both as Minnesota is beautiful.