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    Battery not charging & slides will not operate

    Brain Fart!! When I put in the new battery I got the wires backwards. everything works now. I guess the old battery ( two + years old ) just gave out. Thanks Pete. Just a little bit ered faced.
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    Battery not charging & slides will not operate

    I have checked the inverter and the fuses are all ok. Slides and all 12 volt fixtures will not work. I have a new fully charged battery. Any suggestions on where to look next? :confused:
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    ATF: North Trail - Jensen TV CD/DVD player: no video

    Go to the Menu on the TV and check to see if it is set to DVD. It may also list Vidio(possibly list Vid 1, Vid 2, etc. Set to one of those settings. You will have to set back to wtch TV.
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    EVENT: Heartland Owners Meet-n-Greet: TX, Mission - 2/9/2011 to 2/9/2011

    Please add Dave & lee Tressell on your attendance list. I will talk to another member tomorrow here in our park. Dick & Jane Russell. They do not have a computer and I will advise later on their attendance.
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IA, Amana * - 10/1/2010 to 10/03/2010

    Hi Mark: Lee & I are now registered for your Iowa Rally at Amana. Hope to see you in Illinois next weekend. We also will be with two othere SOB friends of ours from our home club. They always come over for Oct.fest. It is always a fun time.:angel:
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IL, Chatham - 9/17/2010 to 9/19/2010

    Are you going to provide warmer weather this year? Lookin forward to that weekend after the national.
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    Front closet rod reinforcing

    I also have a DW that manages to consume a major portion of the closet rod. It fell in on our first winter trip to southern Texas after I told hr there were way to many clothes on her 7/8 of the rod. I drilled the two holes that support each bracket thru the shelf. Anchored them with thru...
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    EVENT: Dealer Open House: TX, Donna * - 2/18/2010 to 02/18/2010

    Add Dave & Lee Tressell And Dick & Jane Russell
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    Southern Texas Winter heartland Owners Rally

    Can anyone help with a date on when there is going to be a gathering of us winter Texans. I hear it is to be at Hover RV near Donna, but do not have a date. ???????????
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    Heartland Luncheon in the RGV - February 17th, 2009 - Furr's Fresh Buffet in McAllen

    Feb luncheon Just now found your post on Texas Lunch. Plan on Lee & I. Looks like you have a good size group. ;) Been to Furrr's before, only problem is we both eat too much.
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    New Garmin nuvi 700 series GPS

    I purchased a 360 nuvi and am very unsatisfied with it. I have used a laptop in the truck before w/ DeLormie in the past and plan on going back to that. I like the fact that you can see all the surrounding roads and names. The 360 tells you to go so many miles on a street in a town and you...
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    Washer/Dryer Location in Bighorn 3055 RL

    We have the same model. Past comments from other RV'ers who have combo washer/dryer has been that they are too small. One lady (full timer) said she had to do one load a day just to keep up with the two of them. I decided it wasn't worth the expense to get one. However we did purchase a...