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    Inverter Transfer Switch

    I recently had an issue on my 2015 Landmark where the residential refrigerator would shut off by itself. It was the only piece of equipment in the RV that wasn't working while on 120V shore power. The issue was difficult to diagnose because the power would come back on it's own before you...
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    Closet Flange

    I have a feeling this is exactly what I'll be doing before it's all said and done. I tried, unsuccessfully, to move the flange when I had the toilet up originally. It didn't budge. I can't imagine what I'll see when Heartland provides the part info. Regardless, I'm fairly sure I can access...
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    Closet Flange

    Thanks for some of your thoughts. As I mentioned, I'm on a short pause until I get some more information from Heartland. I have seen a few videos and other posts talking about "RV toilet flange" removal. One in particular at
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    Closet Flange

    Sorry, no pictures possible right now. I don't want to remove the toilet before I get the parts to fix it because I know the toilet flange is cracked in multiple places on the right front because I just did a band aid fix to get to my next spot. We'd seen some water on the floor and found it...
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    Closet Flange

    I have a 2015 Landmark Savannah with a damaged closet flange. Does anyone know if it's a glued ABS or a threaded piece?
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    Landmark Bedroom Slide from Norco

    So I've been fighting a leaking slide in my bedroom for about 2-years now. Nothing major, but water was dripping from the cable system that is hidden behind the interior slide trim. We typically put a washcloth underneath the pully to catch water drips to keep the carpet and subfloor from...
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    Water leaking from pin box / front cap

    At the time of the photo, it was still dripping some. I've noticed it on two other occasions while here in TN. No rain or standing water on the roof, but I'd see small drips coming from the pinbox. I fully believe its condensation inside the cap. So the question is, what will Heartland do to...
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    Water leaking from pin box / front cap

    Any way to lessen the impact? Only other thing I can imagine is putting vent openings inside the closet, but I doubt that would create enough air flow to eliminate the moisture.
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    Water leaking from pin box / front cap

    I have a 2015 Heartland Landmark Savannah parked under a metal shelter that's leaking water from the front cap right at the opening to the pin box connection. I've seen another thread at that mentioned leaking water lines and...
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    ATF: Landmark - bedroom slide seals

    Just had mine replaced at Charger RV in Elkhart, IN. Cost me ~$800 and it took 4-hours to complete. I chose Charger because it's right next door to the slide manufacturer, so they came over and adjusted the cables on the slide and made sure everything was good to go. The final piece is they...
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    Water Filtration System

    We really like the quality of the filter. I installed the larger home version, so it's good for 10K gallons of water. I replace filters annually to insure quality. No noticible drop in water pressure caused by the system that I've experienced. Drinking water gets filtered by installed system and...
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: OH, Brookville - 8/19/2016 to 8/21/2016

    Thank you Bob and Connie. Julie and I had a great time at our first rally. We look forward to meeting up at future events and I'll be sure to bring more ones for the early-bird fire sale! Hopeful we can work a plan to hit the North Central Regional rally in SD in Sep 17. Safe travels and...
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    Valor TPMS -Don Rigby

    Good to see others having the same experience with Don and his representation of Valor. Wish more companies and representatives had the same level of effort and support as Don. He has been exceptional in our dealings over the past 2-years. Great work Don!
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    Diesel Cool Down

    Page 43 of the Ram Diesel Supplement manual has the info you're looking for...both idle warnings and engine cool down procedures. You can download Ram manuals from this site.
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    Leak on Ice Maker Line at Drain Valve

    Picked it up at Lowe's.