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    2017 - Goshen Rally - Discussion Thread

    The Heartland customer service personnel were extremely helpful with the minor repairs that were fixed on my trailer !!!! 😎 👏
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    2017 Goshen, IN - Lippert Components - Rally Specials

    If I EVER get my trailer off of Lippert property I will NEVER - NEVER - EVER bring it on their property for repairs again.. 3 days to install a level up is totally rediculous!! NEVER AGAIN!!!
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    2017 - Goshen Rally - Discussion Thread

    I'm assuming there isn't any news from Lippert or Mor-Ryde yet ?? I've got money burning a hole in my pocket and still wondering how much they are going to get from me !!!
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    Replacing Carpet

    Has anyone ripped up the carpet in the center section of a 5th wheel and replaced it with the new style beaufloor flooring?? If anyone has done this is it a do-it-yourself project or is it better left to the pros ?? Thanks for any help ...
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    2017 Goshen Rally - Vendor Specials

    I see that several people have asked about lippert 6pt auto leveling. Just wondering if we will have a rally discount and what it will be !!
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    EVENT: North Central Region Meet-n-Greet: IN, Goshen - 6/16/2017 to 6/16/2017

    Hi Karen & Dan.. We would love to join your festivities.. Jack & Sharen
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    2017 - Goshen Rally - Discussion Thread

    Thanks Jim.. I need to take the window out to get a model number then order window. About a month they'll ship the window for me to replace it .. Little extra work but I'll get it replaced!! Thanks Again!!
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    2017 - Goshen Rally - Discussion Thread

    Is a rear foggy window replacement considered minor repairs ?? If not who replaces Windows ?? 😎 Thanks
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    2017 - Goshen Rally - Discussion Thread

    Does anyone know if and when we can get prices on items like the 6pt level up ? Do we have to wait till the rally? I'd rather not wait for several days after the rally for my turn in line for installation..
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    Winter traveling

    Thanks guys for your advice. I'll just leave the tanks dry till we get to warmer weather!!
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    Winter traveling

    Does anyone know if you can run the furnace in a trailer in cold weather while traveling down the road??? We will be leaving N. Illinois in cold weather heading for AZ. in just a couple weeks.. Thanks for any advice..
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    12v ceiling fan troubleshooting

    Hello RawFaith: I have a 2005 Landmark Golden Gate and your pictures show the exact fan that I have and guess what. About 2 weeks ago the on-off-speed-reverse controller started smoking. Replaced the controller. Within about 3 minutes it started getting very hot so I shut the fan off. Tried it a...
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IL, Chatham - 9/16/2016 to 9/18/2016

    Hi Paul & Elaine - Jack & Sharen Thompson will be arriving on 9-15-16 and leaving on 9-19-16 See ya soon!! Jack & Sharen Thompson Stewad, IL. 2013 F250 2005 Landmark Golden Gate
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IA, Amana - 9/29/2016 to 10/2/2016

    Hello Silverado23.. Jack & Sharen Thompson will arrive on 9-29-16 and leave on 10-2-16. Sorry for signing up late. We are in Canada on our way home from Alaska. Jack & Sharen Thompson #1343 2013 F250 2005 Landmark Golden Gate