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Thread: New Prowler Lynx

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    New Prowler Lynx

    Hubby and I just purchased our first travel trailer. We decided to go with the Prowler Lynx 31LX. My parents had a pop-up camper while we were growing up and we had a blast traveling and meeting new people. I am just as excited to begin traveling again and seeing all the wonderful parts of our country. I wish we had been able to do this while our kids were still little, but unfortunately, life got in the way.
    We are busy prepping for our first trip over Thanksgiving weekend and believe we have broke the bank trying to make sure we have everything needed. We aren't going far from home on this first trip (just in case).
    I have purchased all the basics that all the "lists" say to get. Does anyone else have any recommendations for must haves that we might not be aware of?
    I am learning a great deal just reading through some of the posts on this forum, it has been a tremendous help so far. Looking forward to reading more.


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    Re: New Prowler Lynx

    Hi Shannon,

    Congratulations on the new Prowler and welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum.

    Helping other owners spend their money comes easy to most of us, so I'm sure you'll get some feedback shortly.

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    Re: New Prowler Lynx

    Congratulations and welcome to the forum. This is the place to ask questions or research interesting modification that others have done to the coaches. Also check out upcoming rallies in your area. It's a great way to meet other HL owners.
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    Re: New Prowler Lynx

    Welcome to the Heartland family from another Prowler owner!

    Like Dan said, it is easy for us to spend your money, but I have a couple of things that are must-haves.

    However, my first advice is this . . .

    Don't go out and buy a bunch of stuff to fill up your camper, but buy as you go out and discover the things you may need.

    It is easy to fill that camper up with a lot of stuff that you'll eventually find that you never use . . . then you put it in the garage (like in my case) on my wife's side of the garage so she can't park her car in there

    When we bought our previous TT (Heartland Trail Runner), I couldn't believe how much stuff we had in our old trailer while I emptied it out before we dropped it off for trade-in.

    We traveled light in the Trail Runner, and even lighter now with the Prowler, even though we have lots more room for extra 'stuff'!

    OK, now for my list.

    If you have the batwing TV antenna, get the King/Jack antenna ($50) that mounts on the same mast . . . works 100 times better!

    Also, the little signal meter to locate where to aim the antenna ($34) . . . both from Camping World.

    Click on photos to enlarge
    ProwlerMaxxAirFrontDoneStorm-P1010871.jpg TVsignalFinder.jpg

    Also, vent covers are nice, too

    If you have the EZ-Lift vent covers like we do, then these are the vent covers you'll need.!

    These next two items also from Camping World and are the two 'must-haves' that I mentioned above:

    Once you take the sewer cap off and get the infamous 'shoe shower' . . . you'll never leave home without this extra valve for the drain pipe:


    And a good water pressure regulator:


    I bought this space heater at Walmart for $35 . . . it takes the edge off when it gets chilly so the camper furnace doesn't keep running.

    Also, in the bedroom and bathroom of our Prowler, if the doors are closed off to the rest of the trailer, it stays nice and toasty in there without running the furnace.

    Now, this is one of those oil-filled radiator types, so they don't put out forced air (although put a fan next to it and now it does), but once it gets warm it puts out a constant heat and is totally quiet.


    A portable air compressor is a must-have to check the tires each morning before you hit the road.

    I got this one at Lowe's for $50 (and there are many others out there that are popular with the camping crew), but I like this one as it is both 12-volt and 110.

    And last but not least . . . think about joining the Heartland Owner's Club!

    Once you attend an HOC Rally you'll never want to miss another!
    Yuma AZ

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    Re: New Prowler Lynx

    Thanks everyone for the welcome!

    John, Thank you for the great info!! I will be looking at adding these items.

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