1. M

    Rear tow hitch on 2017 Wilderness by heartland 2175rb

    Do they make a hitch kit for the back of my 2017 Wilderness 2175rb for towing my two 4 wheelers. I have towed doubles a few times with out problems. I dont go across country pulling 2 but I do go hunting a couple times a year here in Utah. I installed my own hitch on and older trailer I used to...
  2. campcrew

    B&W RVK3300 Companion OEM 5th Wheel Hitch Kit 20K for Ford Puck System 2011 and Newer

    This is a used B&W 5th wheel hitch designed to fit the Ford OEM hitch platform. This Companion hitch is known for its effortless installation and removal, thanks to a cam-actuated latching mechanism and simple two-piece design. Other features, like 1" thick cast-locking jaws, provide a strong...
  3. D

    Tow Hitch for a Mallard M32

    Hi everyone, kind of a long shot but here goes... Was wondering if anyone had a newer Mallard M32, and what model hitch you used with it if anyone doesn't mind sharing. We bought a 2021 and found out the hard way that the bars on our old weight-distributing hitch aren't long enough to reach...
  4. Z

    Rear hitch

    I am looking for a hitch that will fit the factory installed brackets on my 2015 3270RS Bighorn. if anyone has any ideas as to where I can find the right type of hitch that attaches to these brackets please let me know. Thank You
  5. W

    Back Bumper Question

    I have a 2018 26BRLS Heartland and am looking at placing a vertical kayak rack on the back. Does anyone know if the back bumper is welded or bolted on? I see both both and welding around, but I am not a expert is this. Anyone have suggestions on way to haul 2 kayaks on a bumper pull? Thanks...
  6. J

    Welcome Andersen Hitch

    We are very pleased to announce the latest addition to the Heartland Owners Club Vendor Partnership program - please join me in welcoming Andersen Hitch. The Deal 20% Discount on any product on their website - link Free Domestic Shipping on product ordered via our rep at Andersen (see below)...
  7. OSIN

    B&W Companion Hitch - Ford Puck

    New in summer of 2017, used for 7K miles. Hitch is on my lot in Escapees North Ranch, AZ. $500.00 Also have a Soft Rolling tonneau Cover and Weathertech front mats for a 2017 long bed F350/F250, will deal together if you need to Thanks, Paul
  8. W

    Equalizer Sway Control Hitch for sale

    Equalizer Model # 90-00-1000 Max Tongue weight 1,000 lbs, Max trailer weight 10,000 lbs. Used for 1 year on a Heartland Prowler 32LX/F250 set up. Asking $400...In St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana or buyer pays any shipping costs. Stock photo- can text actual pictures if needed.
  9. DW_Gray

    It's time to talk trailer safety chains.

    The morning after Memorial Day 2017, I became aware of a horrific tragedy in Lincoln County, Kentucky. It was caused by a travel trailer that unhitched from a truck. The trailer then moved into the opposite lane and met head-on into an SUV. The SUV driver was killed, and six-month-old Colt Tuff...
  10. C

    New Truck + Gooseneck = New Problem

    So...... We opened up the wallet and purchased a 2015 Chevy Silverado 3500HD Crew Cab Shortbed that was equipped with B&W Turnball underbed hitch. I like the idea of not having rails in the bed, but I also like the performance of our Airbox 5th Wheel hitch (which requires rails), that we used...
  11. W

    Truck For Sale: 2009 GMC 2500

    2009 GMC 2500HD SLE Extended Cab Truck. Dura-Max diesel. Includes Reese 16K Kwik-Slide hitch. Fully equipped for towing--just hook up and go! Line-X spray-in bed liner and ACCESS Roll-up bed cover. One-owner vehicle. 37K miles. Located in Queenstown, MD. $29,900.
  12. L

    SOLD - TS3 Hensley Trailer Saver 5th Wheel Hitch

    Only used for one trip 2,000 miles up the West Coast, so it's in Brand New Condition. Includes (4 qty) 1/2" Bent Hitch Pin 3" with clip, and one 3" Spacer Kit (TS3) Located in San Clemente, CA 92673. Local pickup or can freight ship nationwide for around $150 Will sell for $1800 or best offer...
  13. G

    ram 3500 w/o fifth wheel prep

    I am looking to buy a ram 3500, but the window sticker doesn't list the 5th wheel prep. Is this something I can/should have the dealer do, or is there a cheaper after market option to install?
  14. D

    What hitch is best with TrailAir pin box

    Hi there! Just purchased a Landmark Savannah (although I have no truck yet) and had the dealer install a Trail Air pin box. When I get my truck, can I then just use a regular hitch? What's the best for the best ride? Dealer recommends Reese 20K. Looking at a F350 dually to pull it. Can't wait...
  15. triley2280

    Best Weight Distribution and Sway Hitch

    Looking for some input on a weight distribution hitch with anti sway control. We are pulling a 30 foot TT with F-150 3.5 Eco boost. I have read a lot on the forums and it sounds like Reese Dual Cam Sway or the Hensley Arrow hitch is the way to go. I like what I read about these because you do...
  16. DW_Gray

    Open Discussion on GCWR (Gross Combined Weight Rating)

    Weigh in on this discussion if you so desire. Hypothesis: GCWR in modern 250/2500 series trucks has nothing to do with the diesel engine and transmission combination capabilities. Background: In recent months there have been considerable discussions on various forums stating that exceeding...
  17. M

    Bumper and hitch

    Has anyone thought of adding a bumper to the rear? I would like to install a bumper and hitch to put one of those flat racks you can place objects on. Seems a better idea than trying to cram bins in the garage with the Harley. Also, the bumper could double as a sewer hose holder like you see on...
  18. D

    Looking to a 16K Reeese Slidding 5th Wheel Hitch for a 18-20K fixed 5th wheel Hitch

    I have a Reese 16K round tube sliding hitch that I would like to trade for a 18-20K fixed 5th wheel hitch. I installed the hitch in my Short wheelbase Ram 3500 before I picked out a new 5th wheel. After purchasing a 2013 Bighorn 3685RL, I discovered that I did not need the slider. I have a...
  19. jayandhisgals

    2012 Cyclone 3712 Hauling??

    getting ready to pick up our new Cyclone 3712. Trying to decide between using a Fifthwheel hitch or Goose Neck Conversion. Our F350 is already equipped with a 25k lb pop up goose neck hitch. If we switch to a fifth wheel hitch we will have to have the pop up goose neck hitch removed leaving a...
  20. meandg

    class 3 hitch

    the class 3 hitch shows a limit of 5000# yet the truck shows it can tow 9300. Do people change out the hitch to a class 4 or just use with class 3? The trailer weight is 6800 dry.
  21. DW_Gray

    B&W Companion - Check for Cracks

    I performed some routine maintenance on my hitch yesterday and discovered I have a bigger problem than I recently thought. Near the end of June I took my Cyclone to Lippert in Goshen, IN for some upgrades. While there I decided to lower the pivot arms. While doing so, I noticed that two...
  22. R

    Exterior Skin Sagging Under Gooseneck Area By Hitch

    Model - 2010 3600RL I have noticed since the one year warranty is up that the fiberglass skin towards the driver's side (left side) is sagging. The entire skin under the gooseneck area (under the closet area) has no screws to keep the skin from sagging except for the two screws for the bracket...
  23. L

    Hensley TS3 Double Air Bag Hitch with the 5th Airborne Hitch Pin Box

    Ok gang, I have the Mor/Ryde Pin Box, but also have a brand new Hensley Trailersaver 2 air bag TS3 hitch, SAWEET! I definitely think that the Mor/Ryde Pin Box is OK, but not great. If I bought the 5th Airborne Pin Box, I would have air bags for both the hitch and the pin box. Is that...
  24. N

    Hitch info requested.

    We just brought a Big country 3450. We pull with a 08 Ford 350 dually eight foot bed super cab. I need advise on a quality hitch that I can remove from the bed and leave no rails that will not break the bank. Does anyone have any advise? Nancy
  25. babycampers

    Equalizer brand hitch wanted

    Does anyone have a spare:rolleyes: Equalizer brand hitch set rated 12K # they are not using anymore and would like to sell soon. Looking for the adjustable shank model only. We are located in Northern Indiana. Will p/u if within 100 mile radius, otherwise you must be able to package for...
  26. P

    Air bags with B&W turnover ball hitch

    I have a 2002 F350 4X4 crew cab diesel truck with the B&W turnover ball hitch and the Companion 5th wheel hitch in the bed. When I bought the hitch setup, I did not realize the underbed structure would make the addition of airbags difficult or impossible. From a purely physics standpoint, I...
  27. B

    Hitch Type (Slide, Auto-Slide, extender)

    So, we finally traded my Ram 2500 in for a much larger DRW truck rated at the weight for the Road Warrior 395. Since my truck is a MegaCab with a 6.5' short-bed, I'm getting conflicting answers on the hitch type. Do I get a slider, auto-slider or extender for the RV? Auto-sliders are $3700...
  28. B

    Fifth wheel hitch

    I have a new tow vehicle and need to put new rails in the bed for the hitch. I have a Husky 16k hitch and noticed that husky now has an under the bed mount system so when the you take out the hitch there are no rails in the bed. Is any one using an under the bed rail system and if so how do...
  29. D

    Hitch Feedback

    I'm looking at a 20k Curt Fifth Wheel Hitch and was looking for some feedback. Is it a good one or keep looking?
  30. S

    Rear Hitch

    We are in the purchase process of a 2010 BH3610RE. I was told by the dealer that Heartland does not offer a rear Hitch. If that is the case, Why? I like to put the bike rack there. I know one can be mfged to put on. Thanks
  31. WVUFan

    Trailer Hitch Question....

    Hi all, I have a 2010 3670RL. I purchased a new short bed, extended cab truck. I contacted the dealer regarding the installation of a new hitch. The gentlemen stated that a sliding hitch would not be necessary due to the radius (88 deg. according to the literature) allowed by the front cap...
  32. R

    Hitch mount on 21FBS

    Would like to mount a hitch receiver on the rear of our new 21FBS for the purpose of carrying our generator - is that something that can be done and if so are there any recommendations that Heartland can make?
  33. Terry H

    HOC Hitch Receiver Cover Mod

    Looking at the hitch cover I saw two ways to convert the hitch cover to work in a 2½” receiver. 1) Cut off current raised mounting tabs and then drill holes where the tabs were located. Then put in bolts with washers or spacers to bring the top of the bolt even with the outside of the receiver...
  34. S

    Type of hitch for a 2006 2500HD 4x4 Short Bed Crew Cab

    Does anyone know what type of Hitch I need in my truck for a 40 foot Landmark, the Oakmont model? I hear and see in the fine print that a slider is not needed for the 2010 Landmark. My truck a 2006 2500HD Crew Cab Chev, Duramax has the short bed on it. The brochure says the short bed extended...
  35. D

    3010 hitch pin height and hang over

    Hi I was wondering if any one knows what the basic pin height from ground is on a cyclone 3010 as well as the over hangs height? I was checking that my trucks height would not be an issue. Thanks
  36. K

    can I use any 5th wheel hitch with my trail air pin box ?

    Hello all, and thank you for reading my post, I currently have on order a landmark agusta, I am getting a trail air pin box as one of the options. My question is what kind of 5th wheel hitch is compatable with that pin box ? are they all universal ? I do not have any type of hitch installed...
  37. smday

    Super Glide Hitch

    Well i have bought the horse before the wagon as some would say. I'm finalizing the papers today. Bought an 09 GMC 3500 dullay (Long box of course). In my 2500 i have the 18k super glide hitch. Just want some input on weather i should keep this hitch now or should i change it up. (Don't plan on...
  38. R

    Install Hitch on 28BH 5er to Pull extra trailer or boat

    Hi guys, I'm wondering if there is anyone out there that can tell me about their experiences installing a hitch on the rear of their Heartland ultra-lightweight (I have the NorthTrail) in order to pull a boat/extra trailer. I'm trying to determine what class of hitch and what level of...
  39. 5

    B&W Hitch Noise

    Any one have a banging noise on their B&W Fifth Wheel Companion hitch. I have it when I let of accelerator in prep to stop and at start. I have checked the torque on my U-bolts (80lbs) and the a-frame towers and can not find any play. BTW the B&W is a great hitch Comment appreciated.
  40. F

    Cyclone, Short Bed and Non-Slider Hitch

    Just bought a 2010 Cyclone 3850 and pull it with a 2009 Dodge 2500 Mega Cab. There was some doubt in the industry as to whether a slider hitch was necessary with the short bed. The answer is emphatically "No". My Mega Cab has a 6'3" bed and with the Cylone attached to a Reese 24K Signature...