1 Piece 30 amp male to 50 amp Female adapter


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I recently burned out my 30 amp to 50 amp power cord pigtail, I think rainwater got into the connection between the power cord 50 amp male plug and the adapter to the 30 amp female socket. I rebuilt the cord ends, but while looking around on E-Bay I found a couple of interesting connectors/protectors.

I found this 1 piece 30 amp male to 50 amp female adapter, that should sit under the electrical cover on the park pedestal out of the rain. It is cheaper than a pigtail cord, too!

I also found a box on Amazon some RVer had come up with to protect the pigtail plug-socket connection from the elements:
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I bought similar to that, its a one piece unit from camco. Seems like a good idea. Takes up a lot less room, is light weight and is very handy to just connect.