2009 Illinois Rally


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Well, I am jealous of all that will be attending the IL rally. We were signed up and a reserved site but an ill mother caused us to cancel. We were ready to go. This would have been our fifth rally this year with the MO rally in Branson being the sixth. That don't look to promising either. :( So yall go ahead and have fun whilst we sit here at home. :rolleyes:



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Kenny, you guys hold on to your hats looks like storms heading your way today. I think Jim will be driving right into it. Be safe , see you guys tomorrow.


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Niel. And it's all Kennys fault:D. Dave you and Mary will be missed if that helps any------Kathy


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I knew Kenny had something to do with this weather. Yea, sorry to hear you had to cancel Cookie. You know between Kathy and Jim B the Green Machine will be spinning off the table.

Ray LeTourneau

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I wish we could have been there but with all that had been going on we had to make different plans. Long boring story. We're currently getting ready to leave Santa Rosa, NM heading west. All is well with everyone here and so far the BH and BART are OK too. Heavy head winds the last couple days.


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We just got home and put everything away after having a great time at the Ill. Rally. Kenny and Kathy did a great job putting on their first rally.
The weather was alittle cool but we met some great new friends and saw some old ones. As usual we had way to much food but it sure was good.
Hope everyone makes it home safe.:)
Illinois Rally

Glad you made it home safe. We did too, arriving home about 1:15pm.
Now all I have to do is fix the fence gate and get those new steps.
By the way, I know Kenny will read this. As tired as Jackie was, she threw a couple of T-Bones on the grill for dinner. Lord I am a lucky man.:)


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We are still at the double J resting we had a great time. I would like to thank everyone who came to the Illinois rally we got to see old friends and made new ones. I would also like to thank Sharon, Jackie and Diane for all their help. I would like to thank Ken and Kathy for such a good time Sunday night we really enjoyed it. We will be making plains for next year real soon. Thank you Jim B for all you did for helping us and coaching us. Hope to see everyone next year. Thanks again Kathy:D


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We got home yesterday and Lauren went to bed early...... yipppeee.

We had a great time, and it was nice to meet everyone.

Kenny and Kathy did a great job arranging things, we really appreciate it.

I hope to see you all again soon!



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If you put food in front of Jim B, lot's of food, he will be happy.:D At least for a few hours.:rolleyes:

Jim M

Jimbo - While I do resemble that remark :D, ask Kenny, I was good :angel: during the rally. No food or liquid indulgences. I ate vicariously through Neil who "knows" how to put dessert way :eek: He actually "saves room" for it. Not trying to blame-shift, just pointing out "he's good".

But I did lose "9 pounds" my first week of doing South Beach Diet :D A gazillion pounds to go! :(
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Great job Kenny and Kathy. We had a really nice rally. It was nice to see some familiar faces from last year's rally, some familiar faces from the Goshen rally and some new faces (to me) as well. All the makings of a nicely growing chapter.

And we signed up 2 new club members. I think that made it 100% of the attendees being club members. It's so comforting to see a Heartland product pulling into a campground with a membership plaque on the back. Instantly, you know you've got a friend.

Nancy and I arrived on Thursday. We went downtown Friday. We've been to the Lincoln Museum twice before (very nice), so this time we stopped at the Lincoln Library, Historic Union Station and the Illinois State Museum, next to the State Capitol. Friday, on Kathy's suggestion, we visited Lincolns Tomb. We always enjoy our time in Springfield.

We bought (actually had to pay for it) 3 extra hours and left about 3:30. Stopped for dinner in the RV on the way home and actually stopped by our house to unload. We live in a townhome so I parked on the street as we unloaded the bikes for the season along with the usual items (laundry, perishable food etc.). Then we headed out to our home CG and for the first time, dropped off the trailer in the dark (about 10 pm). Thank goodness for a near full moon and a pull-through site :)

Thanks again to K&K and everyone else that made it to the 2nd annual IL rally - great times.

Jim (and Nancy)


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We're batting 1000!!!!..... Our first rally was the National earlier this year in Goshen, IN and we just returned safely from the Illinois Rally in Springfield, IL. Both rallies were awesome!!!! Great time despite some nippy weather but excellent job by our hosts, Ken n Kathy. There was a huge difference between the two rallies, but both contained the same successful ingredients.... Great folks and Great coaches. We learned a ton about Heartland and our BH at the National Rally and had a ton of fun meeting the folks at the Illinois Rally. (We also ate a ton of food and are now concerned about our GCWR'ing).

Safe Travels,

Chuck and Reggie Dvorak


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We're home now too, it was great to meet and reacquaint ourselves with everyone. The nicest people own Heartlands :)

Ken & Kathy, you guys did an awesome job on hosting your first rally - here's to many more.


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I am so glad to hear everyone got home okay we will be on our way home and back to the real world tomorrow. Thanks again everyone Kathy:)


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Just would like to thank everyone for making this rally a wonderful gathering. I know the weather wasn't the best , a bit disappointing, but ya'll sure helped make it a success. I sure met a lot of nice folks ,some old friends and made alot of new ones. It was great seeing all the improvements and little ideas to change on ones rig, we had some very talented guys attending the rally. I guess I should mention all the GREAT food the gals prepared for the potluck and there always beautiful and smiling faces. I would like to thank Heartland and JimB for his attendance , guidance in my first rally. I like also to thank all the guys and gals for all the extra help when I needed it. I can't wait to meet up again , best wishes and safe travels.

P.S. A special thanks to Kathy my DW for her never ending help getting this going.