3800 Cyclone improvements


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A few things I would like to see in the design and few things I really like.

1) Storage under the Queen bed. Why no storage under the bed, can I modify?
2) rear deck fence/gate around rear deck does not have proper tie down/storage when stowed. the two Velcro straps don't hold the two halves of the door together when travelling. Velcro is backwards and too weak.
3) Diagram with hard-point mounting locations for things like TV's, Toilet paper roll would be helpful. I'm always wondering if I'm screwing into a wire.
4) Ladder for rear queen bed.
5) Option to have factory vent covers installed. Or a premium vent cover design.
1) trim seems to be of a better quality than years past.
2) Build quality is better than previous unit, best I've seen in awhile. Still had issues, but...
3) New lighter colors on sofa's and other really brighten up the RV.
4) Big windows are great.
5) Faucet fixtures throughout are very nice quality.
I also have a new 17 3800 and agree the build quality is better than the 13 road warrior I used to have. On your under bed question,I believe the bedroom slide hydraulics are under the bed,thats why there is no storage there.I'm with you on the storage of the new stye deck rails,i've added a third velcro strap but the rails still rub against the patio door which will cause issues. I'd like to see a better system for storing this setup.I've had very few issues with mine after one season and am very happy with this unit!