Are V22s coming out of production?


My wife and I really like the Terry Classic V22. We found several new 2019 models being sold on RV Trader by Mt Comfort RV in Indiana, for a very cheap price. In a video the salesman claimed that the dealer got a bargain price on the last 10 trailers of this type being produced. Is the V22 being discontinued? If so, is it because of any production problems or defects? Should I take advantage of this bargain, or stay away?
I appreciate any advice, or information, you can share.


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Hi scarterl,

Usually when Heartland discontinues a particular floor plan, or model, there's a notation on the website indicating that it's "Dealer Inventory Only". The V22 doesn't have that notation. Here's the page. Although things can change at any time, it looks to me like the V22 is still in production.